Overview of BirdiesLabs: building quality services and tools for Web3

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At BirdiesLabs, it’s not enthusiasm that drives the approach, but a resolute commitment to innovation. The aim is to transform the Web3 ecosystem by combining cutting-edge technology with the power of innovation.

In this article, we’ll describe what we’ve learned from the full version of their Litepaper.

The foundation of innovation

The BirdiesLabs brand sets the basis of a range of products, including a collection of NFTs, comprehensive tools and services designed to enhance the Web3 experience for users and designers alike.

The goal is clear: to set a new tool standard in the MultiversX space, one that users undeniably deserve.

Improved experience for builders and users alike

BirdiesLabs is dedicated to simplifying everyone’s work, providing easy-to-use interfaces with minimal latency.

The team has opted for technical independence, underpinned by an autonomous infrastructure, including its own On-chain observer and database.

This guarantees rapid interactions with the blockchain while providing a protection against external technical problems, thereby strengthening its services.

The objective?

Offering a range of B2B and B2C products via a meticulously designed, all-in-one, multi-tool platform.

The inaugural product, “Spark“, a Discord-to-Blockchain bot, is ready to provide unwavering support to projects in their nascent stages or during important development phases.

If a feature is required and is not immediately available, the developers are at your service, subject to a brief assessment of technical feasibility.

Notable features of “Spark” :

  • Whitelist manager: create and manage one or more authorization lists.
  • Token Manager: efficiently manage roles based on NFT, SFT, esdts or attributes, verify holders, track sales, snipe listings, define parametric snapshots, and manage one or more collections.

Building an ecosystem

The team is building a complete ecosystem around BirdiesLabs and its NFT collection that will bring value to holders and strengthen the overall project in a profitable way.

The main objective is to establish long-term project sustainability, by, among others, using a revenue-sharing model through product royalties to reward community loyalty.

The Birdies NFT collection

The Birdies NFT collection consists of 7777 PFPs.

While the technological achievements are obvious, a strong focus is also done to creating a community through high-quality artistic creations.

Each Birdies is designed to be unique and fun.

Birdies Team

Benefits and services

Being a Birdies comes with a range of benefits, including :

  • Revenue shares: earn a share of the sales fees for BirdiesLabs products and the multi-tool platform.
  • Reduced fees: benefit from reduced fees for the multi-tool platform.
  • Gamified staking: take part in gamified staking.
  • Vibing community: join a dynamic community.
  • Boiled eggs: stay tuned for more opportunities on the Birdies Roadmap.

The roadmap

The roadmap from Q3 2023 to Q2 2024, is articulated around:

BirdiesLabs: the foundation for all products and tools.
Birdies Collection: the BirdiesLabs NFT community.

The team is committed to define the future of Web3 and bringing value to the community.

Core Team

Artist : https://corvusink.myportfolio.com/

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