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This story takes place in Camelot where King Arthur is ruling his kingdom together with his knights of The Round Table in his magnificent castle. The king wants to travel around the world to find the holy grail, the most important quest of his life. The king needs you, knight of the round table, to join him in this journey and maybe, find some treasures along the way.

When they are not traveling the country or fighting against invaders, the knights of the round table meet at the tavern. The Tavern is the heart of Camelot where lots of travelers and all the knights meet to enjoy a fresh drink and reinvent the world.

One evening, after a couple of beers, Lancelot, one of the most famous and brave of the knights, began to tell a story. A legend that he heard from an old traveler who once stopped at the tavern. According to the legend, far away, on the other side of the sea, other lands exist. That old man mentioned people speaking unknown languages and farming vegetables that he had never seen before. He added that some of these lands were very rich and full of treasures… After a long moment of silence, the knights of the round table decided to travel and conquer these other lands…



Discover the world of community investing with The Round Table, an investment fund meticulously designed to enable investors to be rewarded with profits.

Positioned as a strategic financial intermediary, The Round Table invites investors to make simple commitments to different investment pools by simply holding NFTs or SFTs from the corresponding collections.

Currently, The Round Table unveils two meticulously crafted investment pools:

  • The Round Table: A focal point tuned in detail to the MultiversX ecosystem.
  • The Tavern: Functioning primarily as a cross-chain investment hub.

Investors unlock exclusive rewards by holding The Round Table NFTs or Tavern SFTs, tailoring their investment approach to their specific interests.

Flexibility extends to the possibility for investors to diversify their portfolios by simultaneously holding assets from both collections.

The quantity of NFTs/SFTs in your possession becomes the decisive factor in allocating reward shares.

This dynamic mechanism not only guarantees a fair and personalized distribution of rewards, but also serves as a strategic tool for balancing exposure.

For example, investors can strategically acquire 3 NFTs from The Round Table and 5 SFTs from The Tavern, optimizing exposure to cross-channel investments.

Project highlights

  • A first payment with The Round Table project of 0.1 $EGLD per NFT owned (except special) has already been made.
  • Develop their 1st dApp, for DAO votes of the 2 projects and have live Analytics thereafter.
  • Made several investment proposals and invested in several projects with both The Round Table and The Tavern.
  • Established several solid partnerships within the MultiversX ecosystem.
  • Sharing of investments carried out on a document, as well as an occasional detailed report.
  • Full transparency with visibility to project wallets.


The Core Team consists of 3 people:

Stéphane (@Didoudidoute)
After discovering the world of cryptocurrencies at the end of 2020, Stéphane quickly focused his interests on MultiversX. The MultiversX community has a lot to do with it because the state of mind is very pleasant and the mutual aid is very present. The passion for NFTs then arrived and the ideas to develop a useful project also.

Florian (@Billythekid)
Working as a technical instructor for Amazon Web Services and passionate about cryptocurrencies, Florian decided to take an active part to the MultiversX ecosystem by joining crypto projects (i.e: and The idea of creating an NFT that would generate passive incomes really matched his view of what NFTs should be. Therefore, he will use his experience both in tech and crypto as well as his network to make this happen for the knights of The Round Table.

Benoit (@Gerhun)
Recently graduated from a master’s degree in computer science and business management, Benoit started exploring MultiversX possibilities. He is fond of technology and is looking forward to getting as many skills as he can. He is currently working on building up his knowledge about MultiversX Smart Contracts. Which will be key for our system and reward mechanism.

Collection details

The Round Table

  • Project launched on : 18/07/2022
  • Project type: Investment in MultiversX
  • Mint date: December 11, 2022
  • Total NFT: 500
  • Holders : ~120
  • Mint price: 1.4 $EGLD (WL) | 1.6 $EGLD (Public)
  • Total raised (excluding fees): 747 $EGLD
  • Current FP : 1.89 $EGLD
  • Royalties : 5 %

The Tavern

  • Project launched : March 27, 2023
  • Project type : Cross-chain investment
  • Drop date : April 11, 2023
  • Total NFT: 588
  • Holders : ~244
  • Mint price: No mint
  • Total raised (excluding fees): 547 $EGLD
  • Current FP: 0.74 $EGLD
  • Royalties : 5 %

Visual of the collection

The Round Table

With 500 unique NFTs created by IA, The Round Table is divided into 3 levels of rarity

1/1 Unique in the collection, representing 5 shares

9 in the collection, each representing 3 shares

490 in the collection, each representing 1 share

The Tavern

The Tavern collection is an SFT, meaning they are identical.

Each SFT represents 1 share in the project

Allocation of funds and distribution


The Round Table
  • 60% Miscellaneous investments on MultiversX
  • 20% JEXchange
  • 10% Stacking/Safety Bag
  • 10% Team
The Tavern
  • 90% Cross-chain investment
  • 10% Team


Let’s take a look at the diagram below to understand how rewards work.

Firstly, The Round Table has formed an alliance with JEXChange. This alliance provides The Round Table project with passive income simply by owning JEX tokens. 100% of JEXChange rewards are sent to NFT holders.

From the profits generated by the investment bag :

  • 10% will be staked to make up for an unsuccessful investment
  • 50% will be sent to NFT holders
  • 35% will be added to the investment bag to grow it over time.
  • the remaining 5% will be allocated to the team.

20 EGLD are allocated to a “reactive wallet”, enabling the team to react in the event of an interesting opportunity requiring rapid movement. Using this wallet, the team does not need to propose a vote.

Finally, all royalties are distributed to NFT holders.

As for The Tavern, the distribution is quite similar, with 35% of profits going to growing the investment bag, and royalties also distributed to SFT holders.

The Round Table NFTs

Benefits and rewards are distributed equally among NFT holders.

However, a hierarchical approach is implemented, where King Arthur receives five times as many rewards, and nine specially designated knights enjoy triple rewards.

This results in a calculated distribution of rewards based on unique NFT possession.

  • King Arthur receives 5/522 of the rewards.
  • Specially designated knights receive 3/522 of the rewards.
  • Other knights receive 1/522 of the rewards.

The Tavern SFTs

The Tavern features SFTs exclusively, ensuring an even distribution of rewards among holders.

With a total supply of 588 SFTs, each holder is entitled to an equal share of the rewards.

The Royal Council: a strategic decision-making hub

As a Knight, you have the privilege of sitting on the Royal Council, taking an active part in crucial decisions, including those relating to investment proposals.

As a holder of NFT from La Round Table or SFT from La Taverne, your authority enables you to shape the project’s trajectory.

Voting is specific to each pool, ensuring that voting rights are aligned with the corresponding holding. In other words, a person owning an NFT in The Round Table will not be able to vote for an investment in The Tavern.

To maintain fairness, only one vote per portfolio is allowed. Being a member of The Round Table means joining a collective adventure, contributing to the project’s growth and taking part in enriching discussions on dedicated Discord channels.


The Round Table

Here are some of The Round Table’s analytics over the past year. Find all the details here.

Collection floor price over the past year.

Collection volume over the last year.

The Tavern

Here are some year-on-year analyses of The Tavern. Full details here.

Floor price of the collection over the last year.

Collection volume over the past year.


Positioned as a community-driven investment initiative, the project is committed to delivering consistent rewards. Holders who have voted to take profits starting from 0.1 $EGLD per NFTs/SFTs.

Investing in projects with strong medium- and long-term potential, with a vision focused on Bullrun for profit-taking and Bearmarket for reinvesting capital gains, and having reserves to reward holders on a regular basis.

The Round Table and The Tavern are long-term, community-based projects with DAO decision-making.

Official project links

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The Round Table website :
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Discord :
The Round Table Twitter :
The Tavern Twitter :

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The Round Table on Xoxno
The Round Table on Frame It
The Tavern on Xoxno
The Tavern on Frame It



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