Improving liquidity: XOXNO integrations open up new horizons

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As part of a strategic move to boost liquidity and offer users greater financial freedom, XOXNO is proud to announce two important integrations designed to reshape the blockchain and NFT landscape.

Integration of Binance Pay on XOXNO

Today marks the launch of the Binance Pay integration on XOXNO, a revolutionary development that opens the doors to over 150 million users to acquire NFTs on XOXNO using any token listed on Binance.

This integration puts convenience first, enabling a seamless transition from traditional tokens to the dynamic world of NFTs.

Ashswap aggregator integration

In a few days’ time, another game-changing integration will see the light of day with the arrival of aggregator Ashswap in the XOXNO ecosystem.

This partnership will enable users to purchase NFTs using any MultiversX token.

This integration guarantees a first-rate user experience, offering even more transaction possibilities and access to the ever-expanding universe of NFTs.

Enhancing the payment experience

Both integrations aim to enhance the payment experience and provide users with improved payment options.

The aim is to broaden access to NFTs and consolidate XOXNO’s position as a leading platform on MultiversX.

XOXNO: NFT’s first marketplace aggregator

XOXNO, NFT’s largest marketplace aggregator on MultiversX, is at the heart of the NFT community.

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Founded by CEO Mihaieremia and his dedicated team, including Mihailandrone and Usiv, XOXNO is more than just a platform, it’s a complete toolbox for NFT enthusiasts.

XOXNO highlights

  • Winner of the prestigious Hackathon in the mobile applications category in partnership with xPortalApp.
  • Recognized as the titan of NFT marketplaces on MultiversX.
  • Pioneer in NFT list aggregation.
  • Makes NFT trading effortless.
  • Offers dynamic portfolio ranking and in-depth NFT analysis.
  • Enables users to bet and prosper with $EGLD while holding NFTs for significant returns.
  • Boasts 1,430 smart contracts deployed, representing 21.14% of all MultiversX contracts.
  • Hosts 9952 unique collections on the channel, of which over 3575 were created using XOXNO’s NFT Launchpad, representing over 35.92% of all NFT collections on MultiversX.

XOXNO continues to redefine the NFT landscape, ensuring that users have access to the latest innovations and best tools available.

With XOXNO at the forefront, users can look forward to a wealth of opportunities…

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