Holoride reveals its NFT marketplace and a $RIDE burn system

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As a reminder, Holoride ($RIDE) aims to transform daily commutes into hyper-immersive experiences by combining car navigation data, extended reality (XR) and blockchain technology.

To learn more, please see our article: https://spheremultiversx.com/en/multiversx-en/launchpad-multiversx-egld-en/holoride-2/

To access the marketplace it is here: https://marketplace.holoride.com/

Holoride presentation NFT XDay Paris 2022

Holoride unveils its marketplace

In a twitter thread on December 8, 2022, Holoride announces the release of its NFT marketplace.

The holoride NFT marketplace is not only the home of…@Cloudbreakers_NFTs, but will also list future holoride collections & NFT partners, all exclusively within the holoride ecosystem.

Burn system

In addition, Holoride has decided to offer something that the community has been asking for in the past.

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A $RIDE burn mechanism that will decrease the supply of $RIDE and thus increase its scarcity.

Purchases and sales on our NFT marketplace can only be made in $RIDE. A 2.5% service fee will be charged on all sales made on our platform.

This RIDE service fee will be burned on a quarterly basis, starting at the end of March 2023.

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