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MultiversX believes that some things are too good to keep to themselves.

In line with this philosophy, they are introducing on xPortal, a development that opens up the field of cross-chain integration to new tokens, chains and ecosystems within MultiversX.

Opening up to new tokens and chains.

MultiversX is taking a major step forward by welcoming new tokens and channels into their ecosystem.

With this initiative, they are not only embracing diversity, but also inviting innovation.

The aim is to foster a collaborative environment where different tokens and channels can work together seamlessly.

Support cross-chain

Exploring the concept of cross-chain support

Cross-chain support is a crucial aspect of blockchain technology.

It enables assets and information to flow seamlessly between different blockchains, making the whole ecosystem more interconnected.

With xPortal, MultiversX takes cross-chain support to the next level.

Upcoming additions, including BSC BNB and ERC20 tokens

MultiversX has some exciting developments in the pipeline. They’re getting ready to integrate the BSC BNB and ERC20 tokens, which will be available in xPortal. Some tokens like USDT and UDSC are now available, more details here.

This expansion will enable users to carry out transactions with even greater flexibility and freedom.

Integration guide

A complete guide to integrating your ESDT

If you’re a token creator or blockchain developer looking to integrate MultiversX, they’ve got you covered.

LIRE PLUS  EGLD staking is now live in the Crypto.com

Their integration guide is a comprehensive resource that provides all the information you need to connect your ESDT (Elrond Standard Digital Token) to the MultiversX ecosystem.

Where to find all the information you need

To get started, simply visit the MultiversX xPortal token registration process. This dedicated page contains all the details you’ll need to start your integration journey.


In conclusion, MultiversX’s xPortal is a game-changer. By opening the doors to new tokens and chains, it is poised to revolutionize cross-chain support.

It’s not just a question of technology, but also of collaboration and promoting innovation.

As MultiversX continues to evolve, xPortal is demonstrating its commitment to remaining at the forefront of blockchain technology.

The future is bright, and with the active involvement of the community, it can only be bright.

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