XOXNO now accepts FIAT payments: Get your NFTs without crypto-currency!

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If you are interested in NFT and you know MultiversX, you have probably heard of the XOXNO marketplace.

XOXNO is now the go-to marketplace for NFT collectors and creators. It’s packed with features that make it easy for users to find, trade and create their own NFTs.
And as the first NFT platform on MultiversX, XOXNO supports all major network tokens as a payment method.

Although only recently established, XOXNO has already made a name for itself in the NFT world.
With monthly exchange volume exceeding $1 million, it’s clear that people are excited about what XOXNO has to offer.

XOXNO makes NFT purchases easier with the addition of FIAT payments

If you’re an NFT collector or creator, you know that navigating the world of crypto-currencies can be a little tricky. That’s why we’re happy to announce that XOXNO, the leading NFT marketplace on MultiversX, now accepts FIAT payments!

You can now use your card to purchase any NFT listed on XOXNO. No need to worry about exchanging your crypto or buying $EGLD – just use your card and you’re ready to go.
Thanks to this partnership with Twispay, it’s easier than ever to get your hands on the NFTs you want.

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But that’s not all – XOXNO also makes it easy to create your own NFTs. With the addition of FIAT payments, you can now use your card to mint your own creations.
NFTs will automatically be sent to your wallet within minutes, and if something goes wrong with the transaction, you’ll receive an instant refund to your card.

For businesses that want to enter the web3 world and need a ready-made FIAT solution for coinage, XOXNO has it all covered.
Just get in touch with the team and they will help you. And if you need a KYC-free solution, that can be arranged too.

Overall, the addition of FIAT payments on XOXNO is a game changer. It makes NFT purchases and coinage very easy, and it’s a great solution for businesses looking to enter the web3 world.
So if you’re looking to get into NFTs or are already an NFT enthusiast, your purchases are now much easier!

Editor’s note: Creators and collectors who launch a mint / sale of their NFT will receive payment in EGLD in their wallet


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