Optimize your yields with Hatom’s new Booster and Accumulator functions

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Hatom, a dynamically evolving DeFi platform, announces the launch of two innovative features: the Booster and the Accumulator.

These new features not only strengthen the pivotal role of the $HTM token within the HATOM ecosystem but also provide users with exceptional opportunities to optimize their yields.

The Booster : Boost your yields with ease

Hatom’s Booster is a unique feature within its lending protocol that allows users to gain additional benefits.
By staking HTM tokens in the Booster module, users can unlock extra rewards, thereby increasing their overall yield.

How the Booster works :

  • Users must stake HTM tokens equivalent to 10% of the total value of assets supplied to the lending protocol and activated as collateral.
  • The boost is not limited to a specific money market and applies to all assets users have activated as collateral.

Calculation of APY :

  • The APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is calculated on top of the base APY users receive from the lending protocol.
  • For example, if a user receives a base APY of 4% for lending a particular asset and an additional Booster APY of 6%, their total APY would be 10%.

Flexibility to maximize yields :

  • Users can stake HTM tokens in the Booster module without being limited to 10%. This means they have the freedom to stake as much as they want to maintain the benefits of the Booster, especially during market volatility.

2-day Unstake period :

  • Users can withdraw their staked HTM tokens at their discretion. However, each withdrawal action triggers a 2-day unstake period during which users will only receive the supply APY plus any additional rewards available for specific money markets.

Practical illustration :

Let’s take the example of Bob, who has a total of $50,000 in the lending protocol.

The supply APY is 5%, and the Booster APY is 10%. For Bob to achieve the combined 15% APY, he must stake $5,000 in HTM tokens, equivalent to 10% of his total position in the lending protocol.

To conclude :

The Booster plays a crucial role in distributing rewards on the lending protocol and will continue to be a key player in the upcoming products of the protocol.

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Its significance extends beyond immediate benefits, laying the foundation for future developments and innovations.

The integration of the Booster into subsequent products underscores its strategic importance, indicating that users can expect even more advantageous opportunities and enhanced yields as the protocol evolves and expands.

The Accumulator : Maximize your rewards, choose your form

The Accumulator, a new feature in the rewards section of our platform, offers users a valuable choice to claim their rewards in two options: USDC or HTM tokens.

Claiming options :

  1. Claim rewards in USDC :
    • A straightforward and widely recognized option in terms of value.
  2. Claim rewards in HTM :
    • Users can choose to receive their rewards in HTM tokens, and by choosing this option, they enjoy an additional 5% bonus added to their total rewards.

Exchange process via AshSwap aggregator :

  • When users decide to claim rewards in HTM instead of USDC, the exchange process is facilitated by the AshSwap aggregator.
  • This ensures an efficient conversion of USDC rewards into HTM tokens. Importantly, users can set their preferred slippage rate during the exchange process.

Main objectives of the accumulator :

  1. Optimize rewards :
    • The Accumulator allows users to optimize their rewards by choosing the HTM option, providing them with an additional 5% bonus.
  2. Boost HTM demand :
    • By encouraging users to receive rewards in HTM tokens, the Accumulator contributes to the growth and demand of the HTM token within the platform’s ecosystem.

Conclusion :

This feature empowers users to decide how they want to claim their rewards while also contributing to the stability and growth of the HTM token within the platform.

As users actively participate in claiming rewards in HTM, it generates organic demand for the token, aligning with the broader goal of fostering a healthy and sustainable ecosystem.

The Booster will be available on 27 of November but is available on MultiversX’s devnet.

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