MultiversX partners with Tencent Cloud to advance Web3 development

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MultiversX, a company focused on the development of the metaverse and Web3 services, has formed a strategic partnership with Tencent Cloud, a cloud infrastructure and service provider. Through this partnership, Tencent Cloud will provide the infrastructure to support the MultiversX network and its products.

Details of the partnership between Tencent and MultiversX

Under the partnership between MultiversX and Tencent Cloud, the more than 10,000 servers supporting the MultiversX network will be operated on Tencent Cloud’s infrastructure services.

In addition, Tencent Cloud will operate a validation node to help secure the MultiversX blockchain network.

The partnership has the potential to expand beyond infrastructure to other areas, such as developing the MultiversX ecosystem and the broader Web3 industry, including events for developers or a hub for startups.

What the partnership offers

MultiversX highlighted the benefits that Tencent Cloud brings to the Web3 industry in its partnership announcement, including:

Tencent Cloud’s experience in gaming, audio and video, as well as its computing power, storage, networking and media technologies, which can be leveraged by Web3 developers and organizations.
Tencent Cloud is a “technology enabler for Web3.0”.

In addition, MultiversX introduced three of its metaverse products that can enhance the “synergy” between the two companies:

  • xPortal: a smartphone app that includes a custody-free wallet and NFT management options.
  • xFabric: a code-free platform that allows creators to build in the metaverse.
  • xWorld: MultiversX’s open metaverse, where users can participate in the community and socialize in the virtual world.
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Importance of the partnership

The partnership between MultiversX and Tencent Cloud highlights the growing importance of cloud infrastructure in the development of the metaverse and Web3. Cloud providers, such as Tencent Cloud and AWS, are adapting their offerings to meet the demands of the metaverse and Web3, enabling developers and organizations to have the tools and support needed to build and innovate in this rapidly growing industry.

Le PDG de MultiversX, Beniamin Mincu, et le vice-président de Tencent Cloud pour la région européenne, Leo Li Shiwei, se sont réunis pour former ce partenariat stratégique.

Le PDG de MultiversX, Beniamin Mincu, a exprimé son enthousiasme à propos de ce partenariat, déclarant « qu’ensemble, nous créerons de nouveaux services et produits qui libéreront le plein potentiel de ces technologies innovantes. »

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