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In an interview with BFM Crypto, Olivier Bouthillier, director of the Brands & Films Agency, announces the upcoming appearance of MultiversX (EGLD) in theaters. This news comes just a few months after the announcement of a documentary on blockchain.

MultiversX (EGLD) in theaters: giving back its letter of nobility to cryptos

MultiversX (EGLD) will soon be in theaters. The blockchain and its marketplace NFT will be more precisely integrated into the scenario of a movie. It is Olivier Bouthillier, director of the Brands & Films Agency who announced the news during an interview with BFM Crypto. The information was then relayed by MultiversX (Ex-Elrond) on Twitter. Without giving more details about the work, Olivier Bouthillier evokes a French-American anticipation film in which the production proposes the presence of cryptos and NFTs.

These digital assets will be integrated into “consumption acts, life acts”, according to Bouthillier. This investment will help build the character, but not only that. The goal is also to inform. A few years ago, crypto was perceived as a dubious means of transaction. Today, users realize that digital assets offer the possibility of carrying out traceable transactions with complete transparency.

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What is the future of cryptocurrencies in cinema?

Olivier Bouthillier announces that the production chooses to feature MultiversX (EGLD) in this film. The film describes a life between Paris and New York with about thirty years ahead of our time. The film will feature a NFT collector, among other things. As a work of anticipation, the film describes a future trend.

It could be the film “The pod generation” scheduled for 2023, as there is a strong correlation between part of the synopsis and the description explained by Olivier Bouthillier:

Set in the near future where artificial intelligence is all the rage and nature is nothing but a distant memory. Rachel and Alvy, a New York couple Featuring Emilia Clarke among others in the cast

Beyond the film, Bouthillier also discussed the future of cryptocurrencies (and not just MultiversX) in cinema. He has a rather optimistic view of things on this point.

He mentions, among other things, the possibility of financing a film with cryptocurrencies, citing KlapCoin as an example. This project supports the development of French films through crowdfunding. Thanks to this, independent cinema can hope to find financing more easily. All of this corresponds to the beginning of a revolution that current disruptions will not stop.

The integration of MultiversX (EGLD) into cinema is surely no coincidence. The ecosystem probably owes it to its popularity. With a documentary and a future appearance in a film production, is the blockchain leading the eco

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