MultiversX (EGLD) ever more decentralized?

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DeFi products are currently experiencing tremendous success, which is why the public is always seeking innovation in this field. All blockchains are working hard to meet the needs and expectations of users. It is in this context that MultiversX has set up Jungle DEX. It meets the expectations of users who are eager to explore new Web3 horizons. Focused on reliability, speed, and scalability, Jungle DEX is waiting for you to embark on a new exploration.

The Presentation of Jungle DEX

Jungle DEX is the new decentralized exchange from MultiversX. As a reminder, according to, MultiversX is a public platform that operates at high speeds and is known for its reliability, efficiency, and scalability.

LIRE PLUS  EGLD staking is now live in the

Jungle DEX is an AMM (Auto Market Maker) platform that offers liquidity. Specifically, it allows users to autonomously exchange cryptocurrencies.

On Jungle DEX, it is possible to list and exchange all ESDT tokens. The ESDT standard, or Elrond Standard Digital Token (ESDT), is a standard represented within the MultiversX ecosystem. The DEX provides many users with the opportunity to purchase new tokens and access a new Launchpad to discover new blockchain projects.

Jungle DEX adopts a new listing process for creating open communities. The platform plans to soon opt for fully automatic and permissionless validation. This should allow every project within the MultiversX blockchain to easily create a market for its tokens.


Jungle DEX presents itself as a space to explore Web3 innovation in depth. It is an experimental platform with simplified and less stringent registration rules. But most importantly, Jungle DEX lists and allows the exchange of all tokens

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