Launch of XPortal – Discover the wonders of the Web3 universe

Lancement de xPortal et exploration de l'univers Web3

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MultiversX (EGLD), formerly known as Elrond, recently took a major step forward with the launch of its new SuperApp, xPortal.

This revolutionary application brings together all the features of Web3 in a single platform, offering a simplified and accessible user experience.

In this article, we’ll explore xPortal’s key features and see how it fits into the overall MultiversX ecosystem.

MultiversX Unveils xPortal: The Web3 SuperApp

On February 28, 2023, MultiversX officially launched xPortal, an application that now replaces the Maiar application and serves as a portal for the MultiversX ecosystem. The new SuperApp is designed to be both comprehensive and easy to use, emphasizing accessibility and simplicity.

xPortal is available on Android and iOS platforms and offers a wide range of features, from cryptocurrency and NFT management to accessing DeFi via xExchange or xLaunchpad.

The app also allows you to explore the world of NFTs through xSpotlight and XOXNO, and connect to financial tools such as JEXchange, Arda and xSafe.

xPortal: a comprehensive and versatile platform

xPortal is designed to be a comprehensive platform that provides access to the entire MultiversX ecosystem. It allows users to enjoy various features, such as Play to Earn games like Cantina Royale. The social section of the application also allows users to connect with their friends and chat, as well as transfer EGLDs to them via their herotag or nickname on xPortal.

In addition to these features, xPortal comes with the release of three virtual and physical bank cards, offering benefits based on the number of EGLDs held. Users can now sign up for the waiting list to receive their bank card upon release.

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Benefits and user experience

One of the main goals of xPortal is to create a social and immersive user experience. Users can interact with their friends and community through avatars and secure messaging.

Ultimately, xPortal will allow users to create a true “digital identity” to facilitate social interactions within this innovative Web3 ecosystem.

The Future of MultiversX and xPortal

The launch of xPortal marks an important milestone for MultiversX and its ecosystem.

The MultiversX team plans to continue to develop features and applications for xPortal, with a focus on expanding into the Web3 and metaverse domain.

Ultimately, the goal is to provide 1 billion users with easy access to financial services, Web3, and the metaverse.


xPortal is a giant leap forward for MultiversX and its ecosystem, providing quick and convenient access to a multitude of Web3 features and applications.

With its user-friendly interface and advanced social features, xPortal is more than just a cryptocurrency and NFT management application.

It is a true portal to the Web3 universe and metaverse, paving the way for a revolutionary user experience and an exciting future for MultiversX and its community.


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