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As xExchange V3 prepares to make its grand entrance in Q4 2023.
The future of decentralized financial transactions (DeFi) is set to undergo a significant transformation, offering users an enhanced and simplified experience.

Let’s take a closer look at what we can expect from this long-awaited update.

General changes

A more user-friendly interface

The xExchange team has gone back to the drawing board, redesigning the platform’s user interface to make it more user-friendly and intuitive.
Many components have been redesigned to offer traders a simple experience.

One of the main improvements is the process of opening a liquidity pool (LP) position.
Previously, you had to navigate through four different pages and sign several transactions.
With V3, this complex process has been simplified to a single click.
Users can now provide cash and earn rewards more efficiently.

New smart contracts

V3 will introduce new smart contracts that combine several operations into a single one, simplifying the commercial experience.
This means faster, more efficient transactions, reducing the time spent on individual operations.

Improved UI/UX

To make the experience more user-friendly, the xExchange team has also revised the platform’s terminology.
The aim is to make concepts more intuitive and easier to understand, for newcomers and experienced users alike.

New menu architecture

The new menu structure is designed to help users find features more quickly and efficiently.
It will include the following pages:

  • Dashboard: Manage your DeFi positions
  • Trade : exchange tokens easily.
  • Earn: Discover how to maximize your rewards.
  • Energy: Learn how to manage your energy more effectively.

New energy interface

The Energy concept has been redesigned with a more intuitive interface. Users will now visualize their Energy as being stored in a battery, which can be charged or whose capacity can be increased. This simplification makes it easier for users to understand and interact with their energy.

More improvements

Gas-free trade

V3 introduces the concept of gas-free transactions.
This feature aims to simplify onboarding for new users by enabling token exchanges without the need to hold $EGLD for fees. The aim is to make DeFi more accessible to all.

Premium account

For more experienced users, V3 will offer a premium account with automated reward requests and an advanced trading interface. This includes price charts and market transactions, offering a more sophisticated trading experience.

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Reinforced rewards

Energy and double farm rewards will be introduced to motivate users and increase participation.
These enhanced rewards will make user engagement on the xExchange platform even more attractive.

Pillars of growth

The xExchange V3 growth strategy is based on four key pillars:

  • Simplicity: The platform is committed to providing a simple, intuitive user experience.
  • Power: Enhancements will enable users to benefit from more efficient trading and DeFi capabilities.
  • Permissionless: More aspects of the platform will become permission-free, extending the possibilities beyond just token lists.
  • Community & Governance: Channel voting will soon be integrated, giving users a say in the platform’s direction.


With a user-friendly interface, simplified processes and enhanced functionality, the new version of xExhchange promises to be a game-changer.
The future of DeFi is brighter and more accessible than ever, and users can look forward to a more rewarding experience.

For those wishing to contribute actively to the development of xExchange V3, the Agora platform is the ideal place.
Your ideas and suggestions could further enhance the platform’s simplicity and efficiency.


What’s the official launch date for xExchange V3?

The official launch of xExchange V3 is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023.

How will V3 simplify the LP position process?

V3 simplifies the LP position process, allowing users to provide cash and earn rewards with a single click, making it much more efficient.

What are gas-free exchanges and what are the benefits for users?

Gasless exchanges allow tokens to be exchanged without the need to hold $EGLD for fees, making DeFi more accessible to new users.

How can I actively contribute to the development of xExchange V3?

You can share your ideas and suggestions on the Agora platform, where the xExchange team actively welcomes contributions from users.

What are the main pillars of xExchange V3’s growth strategy?

The pillars of growth include simplicity, power, permissionless functionality, and community and governance integration. These pillars aim to enhance the user experience and extend the platform’s capabilities.

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