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At Hatom, their commitment to rewarding engaged users within their ecosystem remains steadfast.

We are pleased to announce the USH Airdrop program, a strategic initiative designed to recognize and reward community members actively participating in liquidity provision and $HTM staking in the newly introduced Hatom Booster and Accumulator on the Mainnet, set to launch on November 27th.

Hatom proudly announced on his official X account

Program Details

The USH Airdrop entails the distribution of 500,000 $USH, MultiversX’s first native stablecoin, pegged to $1.00, equivalent to a $500,000.

To maintain stability, the airdrop distribution will start only after the successful deployment and stabilization of the $USH token on the Mainnet.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the USH Airdrop, users must have active positions in the lending protocol with at least 20% of their total collateral value staked in $HTM within the HTM Booster.

The initial 10% stake unlocks the highest possible yields, optimizing users’ earning potential.

Strategic Opportunity

In light of the recent surge in $HTM’s price, early adopters holding surplus $HTM have an opportunity for additional strategic earnings within their ecosystem.

Fair Reward Distribution

The distribution of USH Airdrop rewards is directly proportional to each user’s boosted position in the protocol.

This ensures a fair and equitable reward distribution aligned with individual investment levels and active participation in Hatom‘s ecosystem.


Let’s consider two users in the Hatom Protocol, Alice and Bob:

  • Alice: Boosted collateral of $50,000 with 20% of it staked in $HTM in the Booster.
  • Bob: Larger collateral of $1,000,000, also boosted with 20% $HTM in the Booster.

Assuming the total value of all collateral in the protocol is $5 million, and the total Airdrop amount is $200,000. Let’s see how the distribution works:


UserCollateral$HTM Stake in BoosterBoosted CollateralTotal Boosted Collateral in ProtocolAirdrop Allocation
Alice$50,00020%$10,0001% of Total Boosted Collateral1% of $200,000 = $2,000
Bob$1,000,00020%$200,00020% of Total Boosted Collateral20% of $200,000 = $40,000


  • Boosted Collateral: Calculated by multiplying the user’s collateral by the percentage staked in $HTM.
  • Total Boosted Collateral in Protocol: The sum of all users’ boosted collateral.
  • Airdrop Allocation: The proportionate share of the Airdrop based on the user’s boosted collateral relative to the total boosted collateral in the protocol.
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In this example, Alice, with a smaller boosted collateral, receives 1% of the Airdrop, equivalent to $2,000. On the other hand, Bob, with a larger boosted collateral, receives 20% of the Airdrop, equivalent to $40,000. This proportional distribution ensures fairness and aligns with individual levels of investment and participation in the Hatom ecosystem.

Snapshot Mechanism

Random daily snapshots of the total collateral value will determine the airdrop allocation, preventing manipulation and ensuring fair distribution.

Users falling below the 20% $HTM stake threshold during a snapshot will not qualify for the airdrop on that day.

Dashboard for Transparency

A dedicated dashboard for USH Airdrop participants will be introduced a few days after the Booster and Accumulator launch.

This dashboard, located in the Rewards Tab of the Accumulator, provides transparent statistics from past days’ snapshots, enhancing user experience.

Claiming Rewards

Users can claim airdrop rewards in $USH or $HTM, with a 5% bonus, aligning with their strategy to enhance the token’s market presence and value.

Booster Module Adjustments

To ensure a stable and secure environment within the Booster, the unstaking cooldown period is extended from 2 to 7 days.

This adjustment discourages short-term speculative behavior, promoting consistent, long-term participation.

Community Governance

Adjustments to the Booster module can be done once Governance is live, showcasing the pivotal role of USH within the entire ecosystem.

Open to All

The USH Airdrop is open to all community members, providing a chance to explore their products, including liquid staking and the lending protocol.

In conclusion

The USH Airdrop represents Hatom’s commitment to rewarding user engagement, promoting stability, and fostering growth within their ecosystem.

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