Streamlining Blockchain Adoption with xAlias on MultiversX

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In envisioning a future where the distinction between Web2 and Web3 dissipates, xAlias, built on the MultiversX platform, emerges as a trailblazer by introducing a universal single sign-on solution for decentralized applications (dApps).

Simplified Onboarding for Crucial Verticals

The integration of Web3 primitives often goes unnoticed due to the inherent complexity involved.

Industries such as gaming and finance (SoFi), where user onboarding is pivotal for widespread adoption, can now leverage xAlias on to facilitate one-click wallet creation seamlessly through Google Accounts.

Eliminating Barriers to Entry

Recently unveiled on MultiversX, xAlias empowers new users to swiftly create blockchain wallets without the necessity of seed phrases.

This not only removes the initial learning curve associated with blockchain intricacies but also expedites users’ immersion into the core functionalities of the product.

Seamless Integration into dApps on MultiversX

xAlias has reached a milestone by being directly integrable into the identification pages of dApps constructed on MultiversX.

Developers can readily experiment with this feature, as xAlias exposes identical URL hooks and callbacks as the WebWallet.

The integration requires just one line of code, and from the dApp perspective, all processes are managed as seamlessly as if using the WebWallet.

Emulating CEXs’ User-Friendly Approach

Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) have historically been the preferred entry point into the crypto space, primarily due to their adeptness at concealing the technical intricacies of blockchains.

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MultiversX applications are aligning with this approach by prioritizing simplicity and adhering to superior standards. The recent introduction of xAlias further reinforces this commitment, allowing for the integration of one-click login and wallet creation seamlessly through Google email.

Some examples of integrations

With the incredible power of #xAlias, you can now effortlessly connect to using none other than your Google account! It’s like taking a giant leap towards the widespread adoption of this groundbreaking technology.
Waiting for Paymaster SC and Relayer services. Until then, welcome #xAlias
Getting paid in crypto or vesting tokens on #MultiversX won’t require you to set up a wallet anymore. Your #Google account will be enough
#xAlias is definitely a new step towards adoption! From today you can connect to our web3 E.V Ecosystem dApp using your Google account!
Discover the future of hassle-free online access and wallet creation! With xAlias, you can integrate one-click login and wallet creation seamlessly through your Google email. Try it now on
“Envision a future wihtout web2 or web3, but just ‘the Web.'” xAlias #builtonMultiversX is pioneering this with a universal single sign-on for dApps. http://Pulsar.Money now integrated this powerful tool for seamless email log-in!
#xAlias can now be directly integrated into the identification page of #dApps built on #MultiversX 🔥
Here is the identification page of the web app for @MiddleStaking

In conclusion

xAlias on MultiversX signifies a significant leap towards a unified and user-friendly Web experience, eliminating barriers to entry and simplifying the integration of blockchain technologies. As industries continue to evolve, solutions like xAlias pave the way for a more inclusive and accessible decentralized future.

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Is xAlias secure for one-click wallet creation?

Yes, xAlias ensures secure wallet creation by leveraging Google Accounts and maintaining the highest standards of encryption.

Can developers easily integrate xAlias into their DApps?

Absolutely, with just one line of code, developers can seamlessly integrate xAlias into their decentralized applications.

What sets MultiversX apart from traditional crypto exchanges?

MultiversX prioritizes simplicity and user-friendly interactions, aiming to replicate the ease of use found in traditional platforms.

Where can I get access to xAlias?

Get access now at

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