Kavarii a decentralized Web3 platform like Youtube

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About Kavarii

Kavarii’s mission is to create a social platform that defends freedom of expression and censorship. This platform, built from the ground up, emphasizes decentralization and gives creators full ownership of their content.

Kavarii also wants to offer new creators the opportunity to start earning money from their first video and thank users for being part of the platform.

Kavarii the decentralized video streaming platform on MultiversX

Fifteen years ago, social networks were limited to a few platforms and were only available in a handful of countries. Today, almost everyone with access to the Internet uses social networks in some form or another. This rapid growth highlights the human desire for direct, global communication that transcends physical and temporal boundaries.

But what would these social platforms look like if they were powered by blockchain technology, with our online presence becoming a valuable digital asset?

Analogy of a digital asset

Imagine that every thought, opinion and expression you express online is a gem.
Just as diamonds, rubies and emeralds can be valued and traded, these digital expressions can also have value and be represented by tokens.
These tokens can be stored in a digital wallet, in the same way we keep our physical valuables in a safe or jewelry box.
In this way, our online presence and the expressions we make through social media become valuable assets that can be managed and traded.
Just as we carefully select and protect our physical assets, we can also choose to preserve and protect our online presence and the valuable expressions it contains.

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This would allow users to move freely between platforms while retaining their data, content, followers, and more, breaking down barriers between siloed platforms and creating a global pool of functionality.

Their platform is already in beta and available to all: https://kavarii.com/

This open environment is driving a wave of innovation and generating new revenue opportunities for network participants.

MultiversX is well suited for this type of use since it is carbon neutral, with a focus on sustainability, performance and profitability.

Kavarii is a company using our network to create a decentralized video platform similar to YouTube. It uses smart contracts and NFTs in the video creation process and implements a tokenization system to engage content creators and consumers.


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