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As a crypto token investor, you need a reliable and comprehensive tool to help you stay on top of the latest market trends and price changes.

That’s where the E-Compass platform comes in.

What is E-Compass?

E-Compass is more than just a platform for tracking and analyzing MultiversX token prices – it’s a complete tool for staying ahead of the curve.

It has everything you need to make informed decisions about your investments and we’ll introduce you to the basic categories and explain how they work:


The E-Compass platform dashboard provides a quick and easy way to track the pricing of EGLD and various ESDTs.

Detailed charts on the MultiversX ecosystem

The platform’s charting tab provides access to detailed charts for all tokens available on MultiversX, as well as the ability to use the TradingView interface for your own analysis and indicator placement.

Peers are classified by ecosystem, and if you are looking to compare prices on other ESDT exchanges such as JexExchange and Binance, E-Compass offers price comparison charts.

Putting forward a project

A dedicated section for project highlighting can have all graphics and their own dashboard.

The dedicated dashboard includes social links, whitepaper, supply, links to the projects and apps site, etc.


This is the Coin360 of ESDT tokens, to compare the performance of different tokens in the MultiversX ecosystem.

Overview of MultiversX decentralization

Geographic location for validators

It is possible to see each validator node on a world map.

Staking and distribution of validators.

You can see at a glance the % of the staking offer, and all the major validators.
Initially, MultiversX owned all the nodes. This is no longer the case and decentralization is on its way.

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Overview of providers

You can see all validators with 10 or more nodes.
You can also find the evolution of the total staking (Egld) for each validator, as well as the remaining available capacity for each validator.

Ad Astra portal

You will find in this section the value of the bridged tokens and the distribution of the bridged blockchains on Ad Astra as well as graphs/statistics showing the evolution of the various tokens compared to the bridged blockchain.

As more blockchains and/or tokens arrive, this section will be automatically updated.

Follow the evolution of xLaunchpad

You can now follow the evolution of the Launchpad on the e-compass.

  • Tickets sold + NFTs
  • Probability of having 1 winning ticket for each level + NFTs

Cantina Royal Ranking

Want to know the ranking of your favorite Cantina Ape?
E-Compass has made a dedicated ranking, based on the Xp or Lvl of the Apes.
You can search for your Ape by entering your NFT number.
You can also sort by level by clicking on the level arrows.

Only the top 1200 is displayed for the moment!

Special graphics

Liquidated Pools Chart

The “Special Charts” tab allows you to compare the prices of the different tokens, to have access to the peers in the liquidity pools and to have access to charts with an interval of one second.

Herotag transaction generator (Web wallet)

A herotag generator that allows you to link a herotag to each address you own (see video tuto available above)

Useful links

You will also find useful links, such as official sites, links for developers and practical links.


  • Official website : https://e-compass.io/
  • Source : https://twitter.com/
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