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Today, when you surf the Web2 your personal data is being extracted and sold by centralized data collection companies in a “shadow data market” valued at over $200 billion. Your information is then used by these vendors and their partners to profile you and influence your thinking and buying habits through targeted advertising.
Itheum provides a much-needed solution to this problem: an end-to-end web3 data technology stack that empowers 8 billion people around the world to truly own and exchange their data in the metaverse.

What is Itheum?

Developed for over three years by a team of highly skilled and experienced data technologists, Itheum is well equipped to be the core data layer of the next generation “open internet”, where data ownership will be immutably tied to the “data creators” and data trading can be facilitated through peer-to-peer mechanisms, eliminating the centralized, profit-hungry data brokers of today’s world.

Itheum will use the high-speed, low-cost, zero-carbon, user-friendly MultiversX blockchain to enable a sustainable Web3 data economy with a compelling set of economic incentives. Powered by the high-utility ITHEUM token and core features such as NFMe ID (Non-Fungible Me) “soulbound” avatars, data NFTs, data coalition DAOs, and a set of Web3 data privacy features, Itheum will give you the tools to truly own and exchange your data for the first time in history.

Itheum is the world’s first decentralized multi-chain data brokerage platform that allows users and businesses to own and exchange their data in the Web3 and Metaverse.

More in detail

Brokers (providers), such as social media platforms and search engines, sell their users’ data to companies that seek to maximize the value of users to their businesses through highly targeted advertising and predictive analytics. It is this evolved model that allows them to keep most services free.

As a result, the internet has become a battleground for users’ attention, propelling tech giants into the ranks of the world’s most valuable businesses, while the digital space increasingly strives to lure users into unproductive online behavior focused on irrelevant, attention-grabbing content rather than value creation.

But as these practices become increasingly sophisticated, a new set of technologies is poised to take center stage. These innovations are transforming this one-sided data economy into a dynamic marketplace, where data producers can decide what information to access, use, and trade, and more importantly, what benefits they receive in return.

Through blockchain technology, Web3 is creating a new premise that enables true ownership of assets, and perhaps even more excitingly, true ownership of data, which can also be turned into a lucrative asset.

Enter Itheum, the fundamental data brick of the Metaverse.

Itheum is a new startup, enabling data to be turned into assets and traded on an open market. Using blockchain technology, Itheum allows its users to truly own their data and immediately benefit from its value to third parties.

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In turn, these third parties have access to a more accurate and valuable set of data, which they can acquire with greater confidence in its value and at more attractive prices. This creates a self-sustaining market of data assets that can be leveraged to enhance virtually any business vertical that relies on information to operate and grow.

Beyond the existing business landscape, Itheum’s vision is to leverage its capabilities to build the Metaverse the right way. Using the valuable data resources it helps create in tandem with hyperimmersive technologies, Itheum creates a customized space for work, education, government, business and entertainment to take their most compelling forms.

With data representing the building blocks of the Metaverse, aligning the incentives between its builders and users, an important step is taken, one that has the potential to shape the future of digital experiences.

Are data avatars our most valuable future treasure?

Now take a second to think about it.

What if your entire experience on the Internet and in the Metaverse was realized through your personal Data Avatar. A powerful filter, storing key preferred settings, special interests, memorable experiences and other relevant information, creating the most compelling version of the world for us.

What if this became a person’s most important asset, and perhaps surprisingly, the most important recurring revenue stream.

Well, the time is now, and the technology is finally here. The elements are in place to create a compelling environment where adventure, exploration and curiosity reach unprecedented levels of immersion and unique relevance.

The path from Web 2 to Web 3 is clear. But wouldn’t the internet be incomparably more powerful if it were experienced in a visual, immersive, world-like and uniquely personalized form?

To make this a reality, data avatars are a fundamental element we really need. And Itheum is here to build them.

What will be their real value? Or, to put it another way, what would be the value of a digital extension of yourself in the Metaverse?

Certainly, it will take time to realize this complete vision. But there is no denying that this is one of the most exciting and fascinating open questions of our time.



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