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What is Cantina Royale?

Blockchain gaming has grown rapidly over the past few years, with the market reaching USD 3 billion by 2021 and expected to exceed USD 40 billion by 2025. More than 1.5 million people are now enjoying blockchain games, which is an impressive number for such a new niche, but still a far cry from the 3.24 billion people who played “classic” games in 2021.

There are a number of reasons for the relatively low adoption of blockchain games compared to the broader gaming sphere, such as:

  • The friction generated by the blockchain component, which typically requires users to install wallets and purchase crypto-currency before they can play.
  • The emphasis on Play-to-Earn mechanics, which are often detrimental to the enjoyment of the game and can make regular players feel like the game is asking them to invest rather than offering them the opportunity to be entertained.
  • Apple and Google’s restrictions on blockchain-based products, which potentially leave 2.1 billion mobile gamers out of reach of blockchain-based games.

Cantina Royale is here to bring a new, unique, free, cross-platform (iOS, Android, Windows, macOS) and barrier-free interactive blockchain game for all types of players. Cantina Royale will support an easy onboarding experience with seamless blockchain wallet management. The integrated lending platform allows players to easily borrow NFTs without requiring any initial investment or prior crypto knowledge.

More details

The video game industry has become larger than the movie and music industries combined. This massive evolution of entertainment has been made possible and catalyzed only by the internet.

At first, game developers were reluctant to add online components and multiplayer modes. Today, the distribution of video games and the playing of games is almost exclusively over the internet. 3 billion people have access to what will continue to be a rapidly evolving form of entertainment.

Blockchain and Web3 technologies are laying the foundation for a new “internet” moment for the video game industry, enabling and catalyzing the next wave of massive growth.

Accelerating the evolution of games

The time and cost of developing video games has gradually decreased over time. This is due to advanced authoring and editing tools.

With tools like Unity and Unreal, technology is no longer the most important differentiating factor. Game elements can be easily replicated. The battle for players’ attention must therefore be fought on new grounds.

What if players could engage in interoperable virtual worlds that allow them to retain and transport their experiences and achievements from one game realm to another? What if, in doing so, they could create and enjoy a new recurring revenue stream?

This is precisely what NFTs and blockchain make possible.

Enter Cantina Royale, let a new generation of games begin.

Cantina Royale is a free cross-platform tactical action shooter. Its beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay are already enough to earn it a place at the top of its genre immediately after its launch in July.

But what will make it even better is the integration of Elrond blockchain technology. Characters and items become upgradeable NFTs. Players can buy, sell or lend them. The game has its own economy, based on the $CRT token, which players buy to pay for upgrades and new items, and get as rewards for winning PvE or PvP games.

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The loan element will be essential for the integration of free-to-play users. Imagine that an owner lends his race car to a talented driver and shares the prize money from the race.

Here, the drivers are free-to-play users and the car owners are NFT owners. Owning an NFT is essential to engage in the game mechanics to win. But unlike other blockchain games, owning an NFT is not mandatory, which means more people can start playing immediately.

Perhaps most importantly, the interaction is so seamless and rewarding that new players won’t have to know the components of blockchain, but they can explore all the benefits they bring.

A Web3 Experience Framework for the Metaverse

Cantina Royale is built on Verko, a game API layer that connects to the MultiversX network. Its role is twofold:

Give players the game experience they’re looking for, and upgrade it with the Web3 component they’ll love.

  • This allowed the framework to settle blockchain transactions in the background, without players needing to create new wallets and go through the entire blockchain onboarding process.
  • Giving game developers the freedom to integrate smart contracts and NFTs with just a few lines of code, without diverting resources from creating the game itself.

This means that every game, new or existing, can be upgraded with the superpowers of the blockchain at Internet scale. Furthermore, it means that any NFT collection can make its way into the games that incorporate it.

The Bored Apes Yacht Club NFT collection is the first example of this. BAYC’s NFTs are already integrated and will be playable characters in Cantina Royale shortly after launch.

The future is bright for this new game type. More NFTs will make their way into Cantina Royale and more games will run on the Verko platform. NFTs, the lending marketplaces, will thus become legos in this new game space.

New games, new experiences, new economies

Cantina Royale is the first of a new breed of games, experiences and economies. It may be the wave that will carry blockchain gaming out of its current niche and into the mainstream.

Allowing users around the world to create new economies and grow them alongside their friends is extraordinary. Being able to do so via MultiversX, one of the most advanced blockchains in the space, is even better.

Incorporating all of these features while making them invisible and transparent to the players who interact with them. This is the crucial advantage where Cantina Royale breaks new and remarkable ground.

Experiences, achievements and assets that will be transportable between virtual realms will likely become the norm in all video games. And perhaps also in business, productivity, social platforms and more.

One thing is clear: true ownership of revenue-generating assets that are transportable between games will transform the space.

And allowing players to engage in a partnership with developers, to co-own and jointly drive its evolution, will dramatically increase its economic footprint.

There are, of course, obstacles. And paradigm shifts don’t happen overnight. But Cantina Royale brings a new model. A model that could undoubtedly reshape the gaming space.





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