AshSwap : The first stable-swap on the MultiversX blockchain

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What is Ashswap?

AshSwap is the very first stable-swap, an arguably essential pillar in any DeFi (Decentralized Finance) ecosystem, built on the MultiversX blockchain.

Our ultimate vision is to serve as the infrastructure for the sustainable development of DeFi on Elrond.

AshSwap not only inherits ideas from its predecessors but also introduces new and novel concepts to solve current DeFi problems. The $ASH token has many more use cases than just stacking rewards and representing voting power (DAO -Decentralized Governance).

Add order efficiency to market liquidity with AshSwap, the DeFi Stableswap protocol

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DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is the extension of what can be achieved when open protocols are stacked and composed with each other. A reimagining of traditional financial rails, based on programmable smart contracts and devoid of human bias.

Its creation has given birth to a new type of financial application that takes the path of user ownership and changes the paradigm from a type of game where the winner is most often captured by a single entity to a cooperative environment where income is shared equally among productive and contributing participants.

As the space has matured, it has become clear that each new application can lead to new discoveries, create never-before-seen products and ultimately benefit the entire ecosystem.

Whether it’s allowing builders to create new use cases by leveraging multiple applications or letting users move unconstrained around protocols, DeFi is establishing the premise of a global pool of cash and products that anyone, anywhere can easily access and build upon.

Maximizing capital efficiency across asset classes

Fundamentally, MAs are faced with the complexity of finding an efficient balance between liquidity providers and traders with respect to volatility, trading volume and fees.

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With volatility in mind, there are specific asset classes, such as stable currencies and like-for-like assets, that require a more efficient approach to help maintain parity and provide low fees and slippage trades. Fortunately, the technology to chart a course is there.

Enter AshSwap, the basic financial primitives of the new Internet economy.

AshSwap is a decentralized exchange built with the goal of creating a highly efficient medium of exchange for similarly priced assets.

Incorporating XEchange concepts such as liquidity pools, linkage curves and the AMM algorithm, AshSwap is designed to avoid volatility and offer the best exchange rates.

Instead of evenly distributing assets deposited by users from zero to infinity, which in most cases would result in unused liquidity, AshSwap uses a model that concentrates liquidity where it is most needed, around the peg.

In doing so, AshSwap optimizes trading between stablecoins and other stable-value assets, allowing for larger trades relative to liquidity without causing drastic price changes.

The ability to trade assets at 1:1 rates is an essential prerequisite for deploying valuable DeFi use cases on any blockchain infrastructure, and AshSwap is the first to pave this way on the MultiversX network.

The range of assets that could benefit from such a market opportunity goes beyond stable currencies (stable coin). Different versions of liquid, bridged staking assets also require such an environment to be optimally traded.

Internet-wide performance. Low settlement costs. Universal access.

When aligned, these three fundamental needs foster a new kind of generative value creation engine.

An engine that gives new meaning to the idea of the digital economy.

These are the building blocks that forge and accelerate the era of the autonomous bank.

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