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xLaunchpad: What is it?

XLaunchpad is a platform built on the MultiversX blockchain, and allows innovative project holders to raise funds. Since its inception, several cryptocurrency projects have been successfully launched. However, only projects built on the Elrond blockchain, can benefit from the Maiar Launchpad.

Why choose xLaunchpad to launch your cryptocurrency project?

XLaunchpad is a platform with a proven track record of success. Many developers opt for this launchpad, because of the many advantages it offers to startups operating in the cryptocurrency industry.

To accelerate the growth of a project, you need a strong, committed and dedicated community. This is precisely the first thing that projects launched on XLaunchpad benefit from.

The other important advantage of the Maiar launchpad is that it allows projects to be launched in a safe and secure environment. In addition, developers have the opportunity to take advantage of a vast ecosystem, as they build their project on the most advanced blockchain technology.

To recap, XLaunchpad facilitates the process of launching a cryptocurrency project, while providing a sustainable ecosystem for builders.

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How are startups whose projects are launched on XLaunchpad screened?

Maiar Launchpad offers the opportunity for all project holders to bid. To apply, simply click on the “Startups Apply” tab on the home page of the website.

However, not all projects are eligible. For a cryptocurrency project to be selected, it must have a real impact, and it must be built on the MultiversX blockchain.

In other words, only projects that positively impact our world, and provide an exact answer to a specific problem, can be supported by the Maiar Launchpad.

Due to the fiercely competitive environment and the ever-increasing number of projects, it is important to have a solid team with a wealth of experience and a well-defined roadmap in order to have a chance of being selected.

In addition, it is important to demonstrate how your project can fully leverage the power of Elrond technology. XLaunchpad is clearly one of the best platforms for launching cryptocurrency projects.

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