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In this article, you will find all the official links for the cowcow project, as well as cowmunautaire links of interest.

Do not waste any more time to dig the project, or to have several bookmarks all is below.

Official Cow Cow links

Usefull links

Cow Cow Website:


Cow Cow Staking:
Cow Cow Factory :
Dressing Room::
EGLD Community:

Secondary Market

Buy Cow Cow on XoXno :
Buy Cow Cow on Frame It :

Buy Ticket on XoXno :
Buy Ticket on Frame It :

Official Smoofs links

Usefull links

Smoofs Website:


Secondary Market

Buy Smoofs on Magic Eden : TBA
Buy Smoofs on DEW : TBA

Buy Sweets on XoXno :
Buy Sweets on Frame It :

Official MOOVE Protocol links

Usefull links

Moove Website:
Moove Staking & LP Farm:
Moove on CoinMarketCap :
Moove on CoinGecko :
Moove on Tradingview :
All about MOOVE

Cowmunity offical links

Cowcow Tools statistics :
Cowcow Tools upgrade calculator :
Cowcow Tools halving :
DAOs & SubDAOs : Find out more here

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