Cow Cow: Chapter IV: Tutorial: All you need to know about Gala

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Enter Chapter IV of the Cow Cow story, an event that combines art, community and innovation in a very unique way.
In this article, we’ll delve into the essence of the Gala and understand its purpose.
We’ll also cover the prerequisites for taking part, highlight the various benefits it offers and provide a tutorial on how to turn your Cow into a Cow Cow with a festive new visual.

What is Gala?

The Gala is an opportunity to give your Cow a different look by transforming it into a festive Cow Cow, accompanied by an advantage on your staking, all through an immersive Cow Cow brand experience.

Prerequisites for participation

Find out what you need to do to take part in the gala, to make sure you’re well prepared to make the most of this rewarding experience.

  • Hold a Cow in your wallet or on the official Cow Cow staking site.
  • Hold a Cow Cow ticket or $500MOOVE (note that the initial price increases by $2.3MOOVE per day as of 12/07/2023).

The benefits

Owning an upgraded Cow Cow will give you the following advantages:

  • Triple your contribution in $MOOVE/day on your staked Cow Cow.
  • A collectible with an extra visual after party (only available on XoXno).

How do you turn your Cow into a Cow Cow?

Here’s the step-by-step process for upgrading your Cow’s visual appeal and transforming it into a Cow Cow:
FYI: You don’t have to destack your Cows to upgrade them!

1- Join the gala:

Feel free to enjoy the music by clicking on the speaker at bottom left.

  • Click on the bouncer button (1).

2- Select your payment method :

  • Click on the bouncer (1) to connect to your portfolio.

  • Choose how you want to connect (1).

  • Decide whether to pay with a ticket (1).
  • Or if you pay in $MOOVE (2).

3 – Select the Cow to be upgraded:

  • Make your selection from the cows available in your portfolio or in staking (10 max/transaction).
Click on the top-left button to select the cow(s) to be upgraded (10 max/transaction)

  • (1) This is the price your upgrade will cost you if you pay in $MOOVE.
  • Click Next (2) to connect your wallet.
Price increases by 2.3 $MOOVE per day from 12/07/2023 / Starting price: 500 $MOOVE

  • Find the list of your selected Cows and the payment method used.
  • Click on Approve (1) to continue.
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Final rendering before payment.

4 – Make your payment :

  • Sign the transaction (1).

  • Wait and enjoy the slides while payment is being processed (1).

  • Well done! Your Cow has now become a CowCow, and the transaction is complete (1).

5 -Videoclip

How to find your Cow Cow on the secondary market and download their visuals?

1 – Go to secondary markets: (XoXNo is the only secondary market that can display visuals and differentiate between them!)

2 – Find your Cow on the secondary market:

  • Click on Rarity(1).
  • Then enter your Cow number in the search bar. (2).
  • Press Enter or click on the magnifying glass.
  • Your Cow appears. Check the number to make sure it’s really yours.(1).
  • The purple arrows (2) let you see that your Cow has become a Cow Cow and see what it looks like. Click on them to see the result.
  • Go to your Cow’s profile and admire your miniatures.

3 -Download your upgraded Cow Cow: 2 possible paths

1st path :

  • Admire your upgraded Cow Cow in high quality!
  • All that’s left to do is record it (1) to share it with as many people as possible, and save it on your PC/phone.

2nd path:

  • Log on to the official Two3 Labs discord (links available in useful links).
  • Go to the Info category (1), then to the upgrade-checker channel (2)
  • Type .check with a space, followed by the number of your Cow for example! “.check 2929” (3)
  • Your Cow Cow appears (4), and you can save it by clicking on the image

How can I find/buy Cow Cow (upgraded) for sale on the secondary market?

  • Nothing could be simpler! Visit the Cow Cow collection on XoXNo.
  • In the filters, click on Upgraded (1).
  • Enjoy !

Useful links

Go to the Gala:
CowCow official website:
Official CowCow Twitter :

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