Cow Cow’s strategic plan: Towards a decentralized future

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In unveiling its strategic plan, Cow Cow is taking deliberate steps to build a robust decentralized ecosystem. This article looks at the intricacies of their community-centric strategy.

The strategic plan


The strategic plan revolves around NTF’s central role in promoting true community engagement within the crypto space.

The mission is ambitious: to establish the very first community-owned intellectual property brand.

Achieving this requires the construction of a fully decentralized ecosystem, a meticulous process initiated with Cow Cow and its community.

Key components :

  • The $MOOVE utility token: At the heart of their ecosystem, $MOOVE serves as a utility token facilitating interactions within the brand and products.
  • Incentive model: A fair launch guarantees fair distribution, with no pre-sales or tokens allocated to the team. This distribution extends to August 2024, promoting stability.
  • Secondary collection – Smoofs: Designed to improve visibility and serve as a reference for the minimum viable product (MVP).
  • Product – Moove Protocol: A tool to stimulate natural demand for the token, ensuring its integral role within the ecosystem.
  • Governance mechanism: Decentralized voting for ecosystem decisions, placing control in the hands of the community.

The new meta – community first

The company’s philosophy is to put the community first, a departure from conventional models. This community-first approach is a forerunner for Web3 startups.

Incentive model – Token deployment

Establishing community-owned intellectual property depends on a well-thought-out incentive model.

$MOOVE, their utility token, becomes the linchpin linking brand and product. Its fair launch underlines their commitment to fairness and equality, which sets them apart from traditional practices.

Creating natural demand – $MOOVE’s utility

The challenge of creating natural demand for a token distributed via NFT staking is developed through clear mechanisms.

The approach involves strategic utility functions:

  • Halving phase: A dynamic element in DeFi, stimulating the dynamics of supply and demand.
  • Mint of Smoofs: Expanding visibility and token acquisition channels.
  • Product integration: Meet market demands by automating token collection through the creation of animated content.

Beyond basic functionality, $MOOVE serves as the key to various ecosystem utilities, including merchandise depots, clothing stores and a range of integrated products accessible through a $MOOVE subscription.

Additional utilities

First phase: The upgrade – The gala

With over 8850 NTF upgraded and around 4.5M $MOOVE tokens collected, the initial phase was a significant success.

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Second phase: Expansion – Smoofs

Expansion of the ecosystem with a new collection on another channel, strategically designed to increase exposure, facilitate multi-channel growth and provide secondary access to intellectual property and the general public.

Phase three: The product – Moove Protocol

Get ready for a revolution in content creation with Moove Protocol – an AI-driven tool that brings NTFs to life.

This shift from 2D to 3D animation with advanced features such as motion capture and generative AI is in line with market trends.


Cow Cow’s strategic plan is unfolding in several stages, with each phase contributing to the growth of the ecosystem.

The $MOOVE token, serving a dual purpose, positions them as a community-centric innovator in the Web3 space.

As they navigate the decentralized future, their success relies on collective contributions and active community participation.

Roadmap :

  • Smoofs Mint – December 2023
  • $MOOVE Bridge on Polygon and Liquidity Provision – December 2023
  • Public relations campaign: Investors, partners, development – December 2023
  • MVP product launch for Smoofs – January 2024
  • CEX listing for $MOOVE – Q1 2024
  • Beta product launch for other collections – March 2024
  • Ecosystem products available on multiple channels – March 2024
  • FanClub 3.0, multi-channel product for artists – March 2024
  • Launch of incubation services – First project deployed – Q2 2024

Cow Cow : The OG brand

Cow Cow remains the OG brand, with early holders the ultimate beneficiaries.

The incentive model, collectively shaped by future governance votes, towards building a recognized brand.

The Moove ecosystem: the future

As the plan unfolds, $MOOVE plays a dual role, serving as a utility product and fueling NFT projects.

This multi-faceted utility positions their token for higher demand and significant potential within the Two3 Labs brand.

Indicator of success

Their success depends on collective contribution, and they encourage active participation through incentives and new team roles.

As MultiversX’s most active community, they stand at the forefront of innovation, marking the start of an evolutionary journey together – Cow together, Moove together.

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