Cow Cow: Chapter IV: GALA and beyond

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This article provides an in-depth look at the events of Cow Cow Chapter IV, including The GALA and a preview of Chapter V. It offers important dates and information in a clear, straightforward manner.


The GALA, also known as the Upgrade Event, is an important event for Cowmunauté Cow. The Upgrade Event begins on July 6.

Starting July 10, the cost of upgrading increases by $2.3MOOVE per day, underscoring the importance of acting quickly. Participants have less than a week to upgrade their Cows at the initial price of $500MOOVE.

To date, the cost has risen to $727.7MOOVE for a Cow to Cow upgrade.

If you’d like to upgrade your Cow, here’s the link to the GALA:
If you’d like more details on how to upgrade your Cow, please read this article.

$MOOVE farms

On July 27, $MOOVE Farms were introduced on Twitter, and $MOOVE Farm is now up and running.

Participants can bet their LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens to maximize their returns and exploit the full potential of their holdings.

It’s important to note that this farm offers a minimum annual rate (APR) of 100%. The farm is full, however, but places become available on a regular basis, so be sure to take a look.

To find out more about LP click here.

Stacking pools $MOOVE [CLOSE]

On August 3, $MOOVE stacking pools became available, with three distinct pools featuring varying lock-in periods and returns.

  • POOL 1 (90-day lock-in period): offering a 12% return with a cap of $150,000MOOVE.
  • POOL 2 (180-day lock-in period): Offering a 23% return with a cap of $250,000MOOVE.
  • POOL 3 (360-day lock-in period): With a yield of 40% and a cap of $500,000MOOVE.

To find out more about Stacking Pools, click here.

The Dressing Room

On August 30, the Dressing Room was launched, marking a significant step forward in the expansion of the brand’s image.

This web application offers owners the ability to personalize their Cow Cow, add backgrounds, and more, strengthening the brand’s presence in Web3 and IRL (real-life) marketing campaigns.

To find out more about the Dressing Room and SKINS click here.

Extended visibility on references

On September 6, $MOOVE became available on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
Users can now find $MOOVE listed on both platforms, accessible via the following links:

Trading $MOOVE

As of September 8, $MOOVE trading on Tradesilvania has become a reality.

This breakthrough represents an important milestone, as it allows users to access $MOOVE in a variety of trading pairs and to buy it using RON (Romanian leu) and EURO, broadening accessibility and trading options.

Cow Cow Factory

On September 23, the Cow Cow Factory was launched with its first sale.

This event marked the release of 100 boxes, each priced at $1000MOOVE.

The Cow Cow Factory, conceived as a bridge between Web2 and Web3, represents a new concept in the world of NFT merchandise sales.

To acquire a box, participants had to visit the Cow Cow Factory web application during the sale and perform a “mint”.

LIRE PLUS  Cow Cow's strategic plan: Towards a decentralized future

Each user was limited to one box per portfolio.
After the “mint”, users received an NFT and could provide their delivery address.

Deliveries were scheduled to begin around one month after the “mint” process.

The highlight of the launch was the “mystery box”, which contained unique T-shirts, each featuring a puzzle piece representing the mood and workings of the brand.
Assembling the 100 T-shirts will reveal the final image, making this the brand’s first real collector’s item.
Congratulations to the 100 lucky winners of these unique items!

To find out more about the Factory click here


On August 14, an announcement was made on Twitter regarding the next Real World Gala.

The event is scheduled for October 20, 2023 in Bucharest, marking the very first Cow Cow event held in the physical world.

On September 23, more details were revealed about the Gala. Cow Cow will take over the city on October 20, staging the largest real-world gathering of the Cow Cow community.

Participants can look forward to an unforgettable evening on the 17th floor of One Tower Floreasca, one of Bucharest’s most exclusive venues. Access to the event is reserved for ticket holders.

Cow Cow holders will be able to enter free of charge, and registration can be made via a web application by linking one’s Twitter account and wallet. The registration form will be available here

There will be two categories of information to fill in: one for holders and one for non-holders.

Yes, this event is open to all! Participants can also bring a companion and create a ticket in the Discord once their registration has been confirmed.

To find out more about the GALA IRL, click here.


On August 23, the “#MonsterGrowth” campaign was launched, marking the start of two weeks of announcements, significant growth, major partnerships and exciting prizes.
Each day brought new developments and activities within the framework of this campaign.

The “MonsterGrowth” campaign aimed to attract considerable attention and generate publicity for the brand and the $MOOVE protocol.

While many people expected major announcements, the team emphasized that the main objective was to generate interest in $MOOVE, particularly among newcomers, including people from other blockchain communities.

To find out more about Cow Cow’s 1st campaign click here.

Pulsar Money

August 25 marked an important milestone with the integration of MOOVE with Pulsar Money, marking a major partnership.

This integration allows users to easily send $MOOVE via the Pulsar Money platform, with a simple process of sending a specified amount of $MOOVE to get the desired feedback.

This partnership marks the beginning of a collaboration between MOOVE and Pulsar. Pulsar has integrated MOOVE into all aspects of its platform, enabling subscription to be set up in MOOVE.

In addition, they are working on a Vesting module to reward community leaders.
In addition, liquidity can now be amplified and locked into Vaults.

These new features provide solid support for MOOVE.
Notably, Cow Cow becomes the first project to be integrated into Pulsar’s Smart NFT module, illustrating the innovative nature of this partnership.

It is now possible to directly send Cow Cow NFTs or Tickets with a simple tweet.
For more details on Pulsar Money click here.

New Brand

On October 9, exciting news was revealed when the team unveiled the name of their second brand via a tweet .

The tweet carried a message of confidence, stating, “We’ve proved it once, it’s time to prove it twice.” The announcement directed followers to @thesmoofs.

To find out more about “The Smoofs” click here.

Chapter V overview

As Chapter V approaches, several leaks have been teased, with previews available in the Dressing Room and on Twitter. Expect the new chapter to require more $MOOVE to access, and remember that tickets remain relevant throughout the evolution of the Cow Cow story.

A future article detailing Chapter V is currently being written.


The events of Cow Cow Chapter IV, including The GALA and the anticipation of Chapter V, mark important milestones in the Cowmunity journey.

Act quickly, stay informed with the links provided and prepare for this unique experience.

Please note that this article is for informational purposes only and readers are encouraged to do their research before investing in any MOOVE or Cow Cow related financial activities.

Useful links

Official Cow Cow website:
Official Cow Cow Twitter:
Official discord:
French discord :
Register on xPortal :

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Cow Cow Tools

Chapter IV also saw the emergence in the community of Cow Cow Tools, a community tool that provides an overview of the MOOVE protocol. Find out more about the next half-off date. Thanks to @SouQYs for this tool.

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