Cow Cow : Chapter III: The unveiling of the MOOVE protocol

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In Chapter 3 of the Cow Cow story, a new era has begun with the launch of the staking platform and the introduction of MOOVE.

Let’s embark on a journey into the world of the Moove protocol, a new standard for community-oriented tokens that started with zero supply and is exclusively obtained by staking Cow Cow NFTs.

May 9 marked the launch of the Raffle platform, an event celebrated by the draw for the coveted MadLadsNFT collection on Solana.

And on May 30, Chapter 4 was announced, with an entry price of 500 MOOVE or 1 ticket + Cow.

The unveiling of Chapter 4

Get ready for the big “Gala” in town, where admission is set at 500 MOOVE.
Notably, ticket holders enjoy free entry, requiring no payment in $MOOVE tokens.

Each Cow holder is entitled to one entry which, once used, will be replaced by a new NFT.

The event promises to be exhilarating, with the opportunity to win 15 MOOVE tokens for all participating COWs.
To find out more, please see our Gala article.

Moove Protocol: a social initiative for innovation

Moove Protocol is a social initiative aimed at fostering a community of builders and visionaries in the Web3 space.

The protocol introduces a unique approach to token launches, with everything built and controlled by the community through the MOOVE token.

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It embraces the concept of community-owned intellectual property, emphasizing a launch method “by the community, for the community”.

Governance and tokenomics

The MOOVE token, the heart of the ecosystem, governs the protocol.

The tokens generated by updates are allocated to the DAO treasury, intended to fund the Moove Protocol.

In due course, a limited governance feature will allow holders to vote on the use of these tokens and funds.

Expect an insight into the usefulness of the Moove Protocol, tokenomics, and more in the article to come.

The road ahead

The Moove protocol has its own roadmap and vision, connected to and launched by the Cow Cow collection and community.

This ongoing experiment is about to lead to some exciting developments.

In the meantime, the first MOOVE tokens are available, offering the chance to upgrade your Cow.

Mark your calendars

On June 2, a raffle was organized with a “Nike” shoe featuring CowCow imagery.

On June 19, a thread explaining the tokenomics around MOOVE was posted on social networks.

And on June 28, $MOOVE was listed on xExchange, offering exchanges against USDC with liquidity accessible in the Community section.


As we explore the Moove Protocol, we invite you to stay engaged in exploring the evolving ecosystem and becoming part of a revolutionary community-led token project.

Moove Protocol embodies a unique ethos of decentralization, community empowerment and innovation in the Web3 space.

Please note that this article is for informational purposes only, and readers are encouraged to conduct research before engaging in any financial activities related to MOOVE or Cow Cow.

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