Cow Cow Chapter II: The beginnings of a community

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Chapter 2 of Cow Cow has arrived, offering you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the ongoing story.
Hosted on the XoXno platform, this staking event offers the community the chance to get involved in the project by staking their CowCow , while awaiting the launch of the official staking site.

The emergence of sub-DAOs

During Chapter II, sub-DAOs began to take shape, indicating growing interest and participation within the ecosystem.
To find out more, see our article on DAOs.

Cow Cow Ticket launch

On March 20, Cow Cow unveiled limited-edition “Cow Cow Ticket” NFTs, with a total offer of just 500 NFTs.
Obtaining these NFTs remained diverse and inclusive, involving engagement through discussion threads, active participation in meetings, participation in Twitter spaces, and more.
These NFTs sold on the secondary market on the day of release for $EGLD 2.5.

Key indicators as of March 24

  • 6516 Cow out of 10,000 were blocked in staking.
  • The floor price for cows reached 1.6 EGLD.
  • CowCows tickets were trading at a floor price of 2.7 EGLD.
  • 1190 NFTs were on sale out of the 10,000 available.

Merch teaser by Zed

On March 28, Zed announced the arrival of exclusive Cow Cow products via a tweet.
To access these exclusive merch, points had to be accumulated through “Engage to Earnr” activities on the official Discord channel.
For 10,000 points, participants could receive a Cow Cow sweater, stickers and cards. The first deliveries arrived on April 6.

Milestone for the Cow Cow brand

On April 21, the Cow Cow brand reached an impressive milestone, achieving a trading volume of 10,000 EGLD.


Chapter 2 of Cow Cow has been an eventful journey, marked by growing engagement, the release of exclusive NFT bills and the emergence of exciting sub-EGLDs within the MultiversX cowmunity.

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