Cow Cow: Chapter I: The journey begins

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The Cow Cow project is more than just an NFT venture; it’s a dynamic movement that’s creating a thriving digital city within the MultiversX ecosystem.
With its unique blend of community, good vibes, and storytelling, Cow Cow aims to provide its residents with a city that boasts its own University, Mall, Atelier, Factory, Town Square, Social Hub, and Central Station.

In this comprehensive article, we’ll explore the Cow Cow project, its values, mission, and the journey it has undertaken within the MultiversX blockchain over the course of its Chapter 1.


Cow Cow is a collective of diverse and talented individuals who are passionate about shaping the future of NFTs and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Allow us to introduce you to the team members who are dedicated to making the brand a leader in the world of blockchain and digital art.

Zed, CEO: the architect of progress

As CEO, Zed is not only a creative thinker, but also a master in the art of transforming unconventional ideas into revolutionary reality. He leads Cow Cow with unparalleled ingenuity, paving the way for a brighter future.

Gunner, CTO: Building the Web3 frontier

Moving from traditional banking to decentralized finance, CTO Gunner is a software developer redefining the Web3 landscape. His expertise keeps Cow Cow at the forefront of technological progress.

Doppy, COO: the virtuoso of negotiation

Doppy, the COO, is Cow Cow’s business developer par excellence. His keen intelligence and negotiating prowess enable him to seal crucial deals and drive the project forward with vigor.

Ara Ara, CMO: Mastering the art of branding

Allow us to introduce Ara Ara, CMO, a marketing expert known for her crowd-pleasing strategies that can turn any NFT into a coveted product. Her creative genius knows no bounds.

Archy, Head of Growth: The pillar of progress

Archy, Head of Growth, is the backbone of the organization. He oversees the transformation of visionary ideas into tangible achievements. He is the driving force behind the relentless quest for success.

Axel, Community Manager: A unifying force

As Community Manager, Axel has a unique ability to unite and mobilize communities. His leadership is essential to ensuring that Cow Cow’s vision resonates.

Rick, Business Developer: A multi-faceted strategist

Business Developer Rick is a dynamic MultiversX expert. He combines creative thinking with analytical precision to foster partnerships that strengthen their ecosystem.

GNG, Social Media Manager: Guiding the digital herd

GNG, Social Media Manager, skillfully leads the digital community, creating viral content that ensures an exceptional online experience for all Cow Cow enthusiasts

Manny, Art Director: Creating digital masterpieces

Art Director Manny is a true virtuoso when it comes to creating digital wonders. His spontaneous creations on the office whiteboard are a testament to his artistic genius.

Jeff, Creative Director: Pioneering creative excellence

Creative Director Jeff constantly pushes the boundaries of creativity, ensuring that Cow Cow remains at the forefront of innovation with captivating visuals.

Deeser, artist: Elevating pixels to art

Deeser’s remarkable talent lies in transforming simple pixels into breathtaking works of art. His ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary is truly impressive.

Andrew, illustrator: a visionary craftsman

Andrew, the illustrator, possesses a visionary talent, capable of transforming blank canvases into masterpieces with the stroke of a brush.

These are the people who make up the Cow Cow team, a collective committed to excellence, innovation and fostering a thriving community. Together, they’re trying to shape the future of NFT and the digital frontier.

Discover Cow Cow’s Universe

A Glimpse into Cow Cow’s Vision

Cow Cow’s unique approach to the NFT space revolves around community, unity, and prosperity.
But why cows, you might ask? The choice of cows as a symbol is a reflection of abundance and prosperity across many cultures, and it also represents unity and belonging within a herd.

What Sets Cow Cow Apart?

Cow Cow stands out in the crowded NFT market due to its vibrant and passionate community.
At events like the NFT Bucharest warm-up, Cow Cow’s “cowmoonity” made a lasting impression.
The community’s dedication to spreading good vibes, love, and unity sets Cow Cow apart from the rest.

The Design Process Behind Cow NFTs

Creating Cow Cow’s unique NFTs was a meticulous and challenging task.
The team dedicated countless nights to perfecting the 200 unique attributes, ensuring that each NFT was a work of art.
Their commitment to excellence shines through in the final product.

LIRE PLUS  Cow Cow's strategic plan: Towards a decentralized future

The Future of Cow Cow NFTs

The true value of Cow Cow NFTs lies in the strength of its community.
The team is dedicated to the project’s success, with plans to expand through cross-chain partnerships and collaborations.
Their goal is to spread the Cow Cow culture and web3 lifestyle, making the brand a household name in the digital world.

Cow Cow’s Contribution to the Larger Ecosystem

Cow Cow’s mission extends beyond NFTs; it aims to bring awareness to the entire MultiversX ecosystem.
By fostering trust through partnerships, collaborations, and the passion of its community, Cow Cow plans to contribute to the growth of the entire crypto space.

Real-Life Utility in Web3

Cow Cow believes that the integration of real-life utility into Web3 will become the standard in the industry.
The crypto world is becoming increasingly intertwined with the real world, and through Web3, new possibilities are emerging for genuine connections and experiences.

Challenges and Triumphs

While challenges were inevitable, Cow Cow’s dedication to cross-chain marketing strategies helped them overcome obstacles.
They reached out to communities across multiple blockchains, sharing their passion and dedication for the project.

Advice for NFT Enthusiasts

Cow Cow’s success is a testament to the importance of passion and hard work in the NFT space.
They advise newcomers to enjoy what they do, stay committed, and trust that the crypto space will reward those who persevere.

Cow Cow and MultiversX: A Perfect Match

Cow Cow is a Web3 brand that thrives within one of the most active communities in the MultiversX chain. Their mission is to connect creators and owners by establishing a complete ecosystem of NFT products and tools.

Key Moments of Chapter One

January 5, 2023: The first Cow Cow tweet on the official account.
February 16: The minting day on BHero.
February 21: The debut of ONLY COW apps, promoting real-life engagement with NFTs.
March 9: Holders were able to claim rewards in $EGLD based on the number of Cows they held in their wallets through the “engage to earn” program on the official Discord.

The Future of Cow Cow

Cow Cow’s journey has just begun, and it’s poised to bridge the gap between different chains within the MultiversX ecosystem.
The project’s dedication to building strong communities and creating valuable partnerships will undoubtedly shape the future of NFTs and blockchain.
As Cow Cow continues to thrive, it invites you to be a part of its extraordinary journey.

Stay Connected with Cow Cow

About BHero

BHero, the first fully legal and regulated cryptocurrency launchpad on MultiversX after the Maiar Launchpad, is dedicated to advancing the adoption of MultiversX by onboarding top businesses into the Web 3.0 era.
The BHero Launchpad carefully selects projects with the potential for real-world impact and offers a gateway to legal, tangible, and regulated cryptocurrency projects and NFTs for investors and enthusiasts.

Cow Cow NFT Collection Details

Supply: 10,000
Price per NFT: $65 USD to be paid in EGLD (1.4 $EGLD day one)

The rarity of each NFT within the collection will be algorithmically generated based on the number of trait appearances in the collection. Each avatar has multiple attributes sets:

  • FUR – The equivalent of SKIN; there are over 15, including gold.
  • CLOTHES – Over 50 styles of pure fashion.
  • EYES – Annoyed or excited, the cows still keep their good vibes.
  • EYEWEAR – Aviator sunglasses tell you anything?
  • HAT – Bucket hats, backward hats, and many more surprises.
  • MOUTH – Some cows like candies or to laugh a lot.
  • BACKGROUND – Basic colors to not kill our Clean Artwork.

Use of Funds:

  • Marketing & Implementation – 50%
  • Advisory & Growth – 25%
  • Development – 20%
  • Legal & Fees – 5%

As Cow Cow and MultiversX continue to evolve, the future holds endless possibilities for this groundbreaking project.


CowCow Offical Web Site

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