Zed unveils “Smoofs” – a new Web3 entertainment brand

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In a significant development in the Web3 world, Two3 Labs, an innovative new company in the field of Web3 multichannel solutions, announced today via Twitter through Zed (CEO) the launch of a new entertainment brand called “Smoofs“.

This announcement represents a strategic move by Two3 Labs to diversify its product portfolio and contribute to the future of innovation in the Web3 ecosystem.

Two3 Labs: leader in Web3 multi-channel solutions

Founded with a commitment to shaping the future of blockchain technology, Two3 Labs strives to be a key player in the Web3 industry.

The company’s expertise in designing next-generation products has made it a reliable, forward-thinking partner for companies looking to navigate the complex Web3 landscape.

Smoofs: Two3 Labs’ latest initiative

Smoofs is the brainchild of Two3 Labs, designed to meet the growing demand for entertainment experiences on the Web3.

In contrast to the enthusiastic language often associated with new product launches, Two3 Labs maintains a corporate tone while emphasizing Smoofs’ unique attributes.

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Created by the same team as “Cow Cow”, Smoofs aims to offer high-quality immersive entertainment that transcends traditional boundaries.

The brand focuses on creating enjoyable experiences that resonate with a wide audience, while remaining true to the principles of Web3 technology.

Cow Cow: Another remarkable creation

In addition to Smoofs, Two3 Labs has also launched “Cow Cow“, an initiative aimed at fostering human relationships through innovative experiences.

This demonstrates Two3 Labs’ commitment to leveraging blockchain and Web3 technology to build products that bring people together in meaningful ways.

All information about Cow Cow is available here: https://spheremultiversx.com/category/cowcow-english/

Useful links

CowCow official website: https://www.cowcow.io/
Official CowCow Twitter: https://twitter.com/wecowcow
Official Discord: https://discord.gg/two3labs
French Discord : https://discord.gg/6SYuVba94N
Register on xPortal : https://xport.al/referral/xr5fvolpf4

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