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Phase 1: Upgrade (GALA)

The MOOVE protocol presents a meticulously structured tokenomic system, designed to ensure sustainability and growth.
In the first phase (Chapter IV), called “Upgrade”, we will explore in detail the fundamental principles and mechanisms of the $MOOVE token.

Numbers speak for themselves

At the start of the upgrade phase, one essential fact prevails – the supply of $MOOVE on the market is intentionally limited.

This scarcity is deliberate, as it plays a crucial role in the development of the MOOVE ecosystem.
In fact, of the 100 days required, only 67 have elapsed.

Early adopters have a unique opportunity.
There are 500 special tickets that can be used to instantly upgrade to 500 Cow.

However, there are still a significant number of 9,500 Cow to upgrade using $MOOVE.
This transition comes at a cost, with a total requirement of 4.75 million tokens, but the market holds less than 3 million tokens, including those in the liquidity pool at the time of GALA’s release (Chapter IV).

It is essential to note that the tickets used for these upgrades will undergo a transformation, evolving into a new form of non-fungible tokens (NFT) with distinct roles in subsequent phases of the project.

From Cow to Cow Cow

The transition from a “Cow” to a “Cow Cow” involves a gradual increase in token emissions, while market demand remains robust due to the need to upgrade all Cow.

The first halving of emissions occurs once 8 million tokens are generated, reducing rewards to $2.5MOOVE for a “Cow” and $7.5MOOVE for a “Cow Cow”.

This halving mechanism guarantees the long-term viability of tokenomics.
It encourages early adopters to participate in the upgrade phase.

What’s more, the upgrade unlocks certain benefits* that pave the way for subsequent phases of the project.

*NDLR: In other words, to get a “Smoofs” you need a CowCow + MOOVE or 1 Ticket for Chapter V.

$MOOVE mechanisms

Strengthening the ecosystem

The $MOOVE plays a central role in stimulating development and fostering community ownership of the “Cow Cow” brand.

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By positioning the utility token at the center of the ecosystem, the project can effectively reward brand-related activities and initiatives.

Sub-DAOs, token holders and community members can engage in task-based efforts that propel brand growth and support sub-brands within the ecosystem.

This decentralized approach enables the community to contribute to project development.

Powering the Moove protocol

The Moove protocol covers all technical products created within the Cow Cow ecosystem.
These products, developed around the brand, can be offered to partners in exchange for $MOOVE.

Payments for the rental or purchase of these products feed the cash flow, with a predetermined acquisition plan and waiting period.

Listed on DEX before GALA begins

Before the start of the upgrade phase, the project will list $MOOVE on decentralized exchanges (DEX) with a $EGLD/$MOOVE exchange pair, notably on xExchange and JEXchange.

Initial liquidity will be provided by the Cow Cow team.

Creation and distribution of treasury tokens

The tokens acquired during the GALA constitute the project’s treasury.
These tokens will be strategically allocated to fuel the growth and sustainability of the MOOVE ecosystem.

Allocation targets include staking incentives, farming incentives, ecosystem development and seed investment phases.

Tokens entering the Vault will follow a predefined lock-in period and a set period for acquisition.

Notably, the “Vault” will continue to develop over subsequent phases, with the next phase, “Expansion”, occurring between the second and final halving.

The use of these tokens will encompass ecosystem development, product commercialization, staking and rewards, as well as private investment phases.

In conclusion

MOOVE’s methodical and strategic tokenization offers a clear path for growth and development.

The upgrade phase, combined with innovative mechanisms and responsible cash management, lays the foundations for a resilient and sustainable ecosystem.

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