MOOVE Staking Pools: Exploiting the potential of your portfolio [Currently CLOSED]

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On August 3, the much-anticipated $MOOVE Staking Pools were officially launched, offering an exciting opportunity to maximize your assets.

The current pools are now CLOSED, so the aim of this article is to show you how stacking pools work on Cow Cow. There maybe new pools in the future! Stay tuned

In this article, we’ll give you a detailed overview of these pools, their benefits and how you can take advantage of them.
Let’s dive into the specifics of $MOOVE Staking Pools.

$MOOVE Staking Pools Overview

The $MOOVE Staking Pools, accessible at, are designed to empower $MOOVE token holders by allowing them to stake their tokens for various durations.

By participating in these pools, investors can earn rewards in the form of $MOOVE tokens, which they can claim at any time.

We remind you that stacking pools are now closed. If new pools are created, we’ll update this article!

Pool 1 (90-Day Locking Period): [FULL]

  • ROI: 12%
  • Pool Cap: 150,000 $MOOVE

Pool 2 (180-Day Locking Period): [FULL]

  • ROI: 23%
  • Pool Cap: 250,000 $MOOVE

Pool 3 (360-Day Locking Period): [30.46% FULL]

  • ROI: 40%
  • Pool Cap: 500,000 $MOOVE

Key Benefits of $MOOVE Staking Pools

  1. Diversify Your Investment Portfolio: Staking in the $MOOVE pools allows you to diversify your crypto investment strategy, potentially increasing your overall returns.
  2. Earn Competitive Rewards: With annualized returns of up to 40%, the $MOOVE Staking Pools offer a lucrative opportunity for those seeking substantial gains on their investments.
  3. Flexibility in Locking Periods: Investors can choose from three different locking periods (90 days, 180 days, or 360 days) based on their individual risk tolerance and investment goals.
  4. Claim Rewards Anytime: Unlike some staking programs, the $MOOVE Staking Pools offer the flexibility to claim your rewards at any time, giving you control over your assets.
  5. Secure and Transparent: The $MOOVE Staking Pools operate on a secure and transparent blockchain, ensuring the safety of your assets and the integrity of the staking process.
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How to Participate in $MOOVE Staking Pools

  1. Visit the official $MOOVE Staking Pools website at
  2. Connect your wallet and deposit your $MOOVE tokens into the desired pool (Pool 1, Pool 2, or Pool 3).
  3. Select your preferred locking period based on your investment objectives.
  4. Start earning rewards immediately, which can be claimed at any time.


$MOOVE staking pools represent a promising opportunity for investors looking to make the most of their holdings.

With competitive rates of return and flexible lock-in periods, these pools offered a strategic way to increase your holdings of $MOOVE tokens.

Please note that this article is for informational purposes only, and readers are encouraged to conduct research before engaging in any financial activities related to MOOVE or Cow Cow.

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