Moove Protocol Fundamentals: Charting a New Age of Decentralization

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At its core, Moove is an ESDT (eStandard Digital Token) governance and utility token designed to fuel the entire Cow Cow ecosystem.
The project’s vision is to establish Moove as a sustainable, long-term utility token, with unique characteristics that set it apart.

Token Details and Issuance

  • Moove (MOOVE) is an ESDT token on the MultiversX blockchain.
  • Initial supply: Zero, with a maximum supply of 23,000,000 tokens.
  • Token issuance method: Fair launch through staking Cow Cow NFTs, with each staked Cow earning 5 MOOVE tokens per day and Cow Cow (upgraded) 15 MOOVE tokens per day.
  • Halving mechanism: There will be two halving periods, reducing MOOVE staking rewards by 50% at 8,000,000 and 16,000,000 tokens mined.
  • Circulating supply: Approximately 11,200,000 tokens.
  • Current price: Approximately $0.09 per MOOVE token.

Utility and Purpose

Moove Protocol serves multiple roles within the Cow Cow ecosystem and Moove Protocol initiatives:

  • Ecosystem Token: MOOVE is the primary currency for the Cow Cow ecosystem, granting access to benefits such as merchandise, raffles, exclusive games, events, and services for Cow Cow holders.
  • Governance: MOOVE functions as the governance token for the Cow Cow DAO, shaping the structure and mechanics of the organization.
  • Digital Currency: MOOVE serves as an open currency usable within the ecosystem, fostering early support and integration into various platforms, including games, services, marketplaces, and other projects.

Future Developments

The project’s roadmap includes unannounced utilities and plans to incorporate additional DeFi elements as the ecosystem evolves.

Innovative Token Launch

Moove Protocol stands out with its unique token issuance approach. Instead of pitching a product before token launch, the project takes a community-driven product discovery path. Key features of this approach include:

  • Fair Launch: MOOVE tokens are created solely through staking Cow Cow NFTs, ensuring a fair distribution.
  • Decentralization: The project is fully decentralized, with no central authority.
  • Community Control: The community plays a vital role in building and controlling the ecosystem’s evolution.
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This innovative launch method aims to become a model for future crypto projects, where existing communities are leveraged for mass adoption.

Community-Driven Incentives

Moove Protocol encourages both community builders and external partners to participate. Partners can pay for Cow Cow’s Full-Stack Solution in MOOVE, benefiting from the project’s marketing, sales, finance, and technical expertise.

Additionally, brand partners can create skins for NFT Cow Cow, offering benefits to NFT holders associated with partner brands. These skins will be integrated into the Cow Cow Dressing, allowing holders to customize their NFTs for social media.

Harvesting and Funding

To ensure token sustainability, the project implements mechanisms to harvest tokens from the market.
Raffles, DeFi elements, merchandise sales, bundles, and product rentals contribute to the treasury, which funds initiatives and incentivizes various areas, including community management, marketing, and technical development.

Governance and Product Discovery

The project plans to decentralize governance gradually. Community members will contribute initially, with plans to involve the entire community in decision-making.

Concluding Thoughts

Moove Protocol represents a forward-thinking, community-centric approach to cryptocurrency and NFT ecosystems.
By incentivizing community involvement and fostering decentralized governance, Moove aims to chart a new era of decentralization and community-driven innovation within the crypto space.

Moove Protocol is more than just a cryptocurrency; it’s a movement that empowers builders, creators, and visionaries to shape the future of web3 together, ensuring a sustainable and decentralized ecosystem.

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