Cow Cow Gala 2023: A Night to Remember in Bucharest

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On October 20, 2023, Bucharest will witness a groundbreaking event as Cow Cow, the prominent web3 project, comes to life in the real world.
The Cow Cow Gala, the first of its kind, promises an unforgettable evening in an exclusive setting.
In this article, we will provide essential information about the event, its dress code, and how you can secure your spot at this exclusive gathering.

Event Details

Date: October 20, 2023
Location: One Tower Floreasca, 17th Floor, Bucharest

Cow Cow Gala 2023 is set to take place at the opulent One Tower Floreasca, offering attendees an exquisite experience in the heart of Bucharest.
The event is a celebration of the Cowmunity and the success of Cow Cow’s web3 project.

Guest List

Access to this event is strictly reserved for those who secure a spot on the guest list.
Initially, the guest list is open to holders and their friends.
For non-holders interested in attending, further details regarding their access will be provided shortly.
Please note that spots are limited, so prompt action is advised.

Dress Code

The dress code for the Cow Cow Gala is simple: “Spread good vibes.”
This corporate-friendly directive encourages attendees to embody positivity and create an atmosphere of camaraderie.

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How to Join

If you’re a Cow Cow holder or a friend of a holder, the guest list for the Cow Cow Gala is now open for you.
For non-holders, a limited number of spots will be made available for a short duration.
To ensure your place at this unforgettable event, act swiftly.


The Cow Cow Gala 2023 is set to be a night like no other, bringing together the Cowmunity and celebrating the success of this remarkable web3 project.
Keep an eye out for the guest list registration opening next week, and don’t miss your chance to be part of this exclusive gathering.
Mark your calendars for October 20, 2023, and prepare to experience an evening of pure awesomeness at One Tower Floreasca, Bucharest.
Join us for a night that promises to be truly remarkable.

For more details and to register, visit: Cow Cow Gala Registration

Useful links

CowCow official website:
Official CowCow Twitter:
Official Discord:
French Discord :
Register on xPortal :

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