Cow Cow unveils cross-chain expansion with “Smoofs” collection on Polygon for Chapter V

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Cow Cow Chapter V represents a significant cross-chain evolution with the introduction of the “Smoofs” collection on the Polygon network (MATIC).

This article examines the impact of this new collection on the brand, the marketing strategies employed and the intricacies of the mint process.

Impact on the brand:

With the addition of the “Smoofs” collection, a new chapter opens up, bringing more entertainment.

The two collections, “Cow Cow” and “Smoofs”, will operate independently, but will revolve around the Moove protocol, creating an epic, cohesive journey.

Marketing approach:

The team emphasizes on meticulous marketing and focuses on high-quality 2D and 3D animations.

The “Smoofs” collection, dedicated to elevating Web3 entertainment, collaborates with a renowned 3D studio, promising a carefully crafted, immersive experience.

The mint process:

To obtain a “Smoof”, participants need an upgraded CowCow (one Smoofs per CowCow).
Tickets entitle participants to a free mint and guaranteed Smoofs. A whitelist phase is underway, with over 2,500 people already registered out of the planned 4,000 entries.

Supply, prices and schedule:

  • Supply: 8000
  • Price: less than $100 (in $MOOVE and $MATIC)
  • Date: late November – early December 2023

Mint phases:

  • Pre-sale (completed): “Smoofs” acquired during this phase are gradually distributed to avoid market dumping.
  • Ticket holder phase: holders of cows and upgraded tickets are guaranteed “Smoofs” via a dedicated wallet platform.
  • Cowholder phase: a confirmed supply of 5500 for cowholders with a $MOOVE mint.
  • Whitelist phase: 1200 supply with around 2500 wallets already on whitelist.
  • Public mint phase: includes non-mint “Smoofs” from previous phases, on a first-come, first-served basis.
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The Sweet

Holders who participated in the IRL event received a “sweet” in their wallet, the usefulness of which will be revealed as reserves approach depletion.

The sweet’s functionality extends to the entire protocol and is not limited to specific collections.

For those not present, sweets can be acquired through competitions, quests, or the store. 231 of the 400 sweets have already been distributed.

Find sweets here :


Find “Ticket” and “Boarding pass” on the secondary market:

TICKET: blank ticket: can be used to convert a free Cow into a Cow Cow and will be converted into a “BOARDING PASS“.

BOARDING PASS: ticket transformed after being used in chapter IV. Allows a free mint and Smoofs guarantee for chapter V (see above).

Multiverx-Polygon Bridge:

Team confirms $MOOVE bridge to Polygon, with more details to come.

The launch platform for “Smoofs” will be “Dew“, Polygon’s largest launch platform, offering the mint experience desired by the team.

Why Polygon?

Polygon was chosen because of the strong support of the blockchain community and foundations, the high cross-channel visibility and the presence of major brands on the network.

In conclusion, the expansion of the Cow Cow cross-chain brings exciting opportunities for collectors, Stay tuned for new developments on the Polygon network.

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