Unlocking new opportunities with SKINS & the Dressing Room

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In this article, we explore the innovative approach taken by SKINS and the Dressing Room to leverage the power of NFTs and skins to connect with their audience in the Web3 space.

The SKINS opportunity

SKINS, one of the assets of the Cow Cow brand synonymous with lifestyle, good vibes, brotherhood, streetwear and urban living, understood that there was a major opportunity in the world of NFT..
Their vision aligned perfectly with their real-world presence at Saga and Neversea festivals, creating the perfect moment to enter the NFT universe.

Skins explained

Launching a successful NFT project is often fraught with difficulties.
Even well-known brands such as Porsche, Gucci and McDonald’s have faced obstacles.
SKINS, however, has taken a different route by attaching its brand to an existing NFT project through packaging – a transformation of brand elements combined with the art of an ongoing project.

Building on existing foundations

While others choose to launch new NFT projects from scratch, SKINS has chosen to build on existing NFT projects, creating a unique synergy.
This approach opens up new horizons in the NFT world, enabling Web2 brands to attract audiences from the emerging Web3 landscape.

From Web2 to Web3

This innovative strategy enables brands to tap into an existing audience while promoting their products.
By engaging directly with the current project community, brands shorten the path to Web3, creating a win-win situation for both parties.

The objective

For NFT owners, acquiring a new skin represents a significant value proposition, because utility translates into value.
It’s also a way of monetizing a skin, like an NFT collection.
Users pay for the skin, and the utility ecosystem token, Moove Protocol, comes into play.

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Moove Protocol enables brands to associate various services with NFTs, adding depth and value to the user experience.

Example :

Brand A (clothing) offers a skin to every 10,000 Cow Cow NFTs, enabling a permanent 30% discount at home.

Brand B (watches) introduces a skin for NFT Cow Cow, rewarding upgraded NFT owners with an annual watch from their brand.
No project launch issues, no dilution, just monetization in Web3, part of which benefits holders.

Launch of Dressing Room

After presenting this innovative model, Cow Cow are proud to introduce the Dressing Room web application, part of the complete Cow Cow and MOOVE Protocol ecosystem.
Soon, this platform will be offered on a white-label basis, extending its benefits to other projects wishing to exploit the potential of skins – all powered by $MOOVE.

What happens next?

Stay tuned as Cow Cow unveils new skins featuring world-renowned brands.
Discover Cow Cow Dressing Room, available from August 30, the ultimate platform for making your Cowcow unique in the blink of an eye.

Discover the Dressing Room


In conclusion

SKINS and Dressing Room have developed an ingenious approach to harnessing the power of NFTs and skins in the Web3 era.
By linking brands to existing NFT projects, they created a mutually beneficial ecosystem that holds great promise for the future of Web3 commerce.

Useful links

CowCow official website: https://www.cowcow.io/
Official CowCow Twitter: https://twitter.com/wecowcow
Official Discord: https://discord.gg/two3labs
French Discord : https://discord.gg/6SYuVba94N
Register on xPortal : https://xport.al/referral/xr5fvolpf4

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