Cow Cow Factory: The junction between Web2 and Web3

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On September 23, 2023, at 13:00 UTC, Cow Cow Factory was launched.
With only 100 boxes available, each priced at $1000MOOVE ($100), this event marked a turning point in the world of NFT on MultiversX.
In this article, we’ll dive into the essence of these unique boxes and how you can secure yours.


The Cow Cow Factory NFT drop stands out for its innovative approach, bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3.
These boxes are not stand-alone; they are interconnected, and their value is closely linked to brand expansion.
This innovative approach is set to reshape the way NFT merch drops are perceived and experienced.

How to Secure Your Box

Getting your hands on one of these limited-edition boxes is no easy task. When the gong rings, go to the Cow Cow Factory web application to create your box.
Bear in mind that each portfolio is limited to one box.
Once your creation process is complete, you’ll receive an NFT, allowing you to provide your delivery address, and more.

Delivery Schedule

After creation, you can expect delivery to begin approximately one month later. This schedule ensures that each box is meticulously prepared and shipped to its rightful owner.

The Mystery Box

On Saturday September 23, a lucky few got their hands on the precious mystery box.
Inside, they’ll find much more than just a T-shirt.

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Each T-shirt is uniquely designed and features a puzzle piece.
These pieces collectively reveal the essence and workings of the brand.
Only when all 100 T-shirts are assembled does the final image emerge.

This marks the brand’s first collectible work in the physical world, making it a truly exclusive experience for the lucky 100 owners.


The Cow Cow Factory NFT drop is a game-changing event for NFT merch drops.
With its innovative approach, limited availability and unique collection concept, it’s no wonder enthusiasts are talking about it. Future drops are planned for the platform.

So get ready to secure your piece of this very limited edition. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a revolutionary moment in the world of NFT.

See you in a few weeks to see the puzzle take shape.

Remember, the Cow Cow Factory NFT drop is a bold step into the future, fusing the best of Web2 and Web3, offering a unique and valuable experience for those lucky enough to take part.

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